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I noticed that many of you put a watermark on your photos. I think that is a wise choice.  How do you do it?  

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I don't know how others do it Heidi, but after I take a picture of my card and save it, I open it with "paint" and there is a tab for letters and I just type what I want from there. I suppose it depends on what software you have on your computer. I hope this helps.


Microsoft Word has a way to add a watermark, I have MS Word 2003 and it is located under format.  You can also click where you can ask a question and find all kinds of directions for adding a watermark.  Also, just go on the internet, I am sure you can find directions there.


Went on line and found this link for adding watermarks:!AGDUH

Thank you Linda and Pam, for taking the time to write your suggestions. I haven't figured out how to work this in my photo program (windows live photo gallery) and I haven't figured it out in Word yet either.  I will keep trying though!

I actually haven't done it in quite a while, but I usually use Windows Live Photo Gallery and I had to use GIMP to add the watermark.  GIMP is also a free photo program you can download.  

Oh, thanks. I will google that...

Heidi, I also have Windows Live Photo Gallery. Once you find the picture you want, double click it and it comes up in a window. From there you can crop it, etc. the way you want it. Then, place mouse over picture and right click. You will see "open with". HOPEFULLY, you will have a selection called "Paint".  When this window comes up, up at the top you will find the Text button. Click on it, then move your mouse over the area to place your watermark and start typing.

That's how I do mine. Hope you can get it to work.

Linda! Thanks so much, that totally worked.  It is easy and I didn't have to upload any new software.  :):):)

Linda, Thanks for that great tip. I used to be able to do this with my Kodak Easy Share program on my old computer, but that software is not compatible with my new laptop. This works great!


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