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How can I fix my picture that shows light and dark after shading

I have been working on one section over and over where I have created a build up where it looks pattchy with light and dark and I'm worried when I keep trying to smmoth it out eventually I will put a hole in the paper.  I have worked so hard on this picture.  Any ideas to fix it???

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Start light, then gradually add your dark color, constantly using circular motion and and watching your point pressure.
If you turn you pencil each time you change pressure this also keeps point sharp. watch the angle of you pencil. It should
be like you hold a writing pencil. Or on side if covering a large layer. The secret is pressure and point. you can change your
colors and constantly doing the blending. I like to use at least 3 or more colors to get the desired constract and color.
I use Prisma pencils, Lyra, Fabercastell, or Derwent. I haven't tried the Kola-nor. They should work the same.
Hope this helps. pencils take time. Copic is quicker for coloring. Depends on what you like. Don't give up.
So happy for Gina's videos to help us.
Not sure that I answered, need more information. If there is a hole in the paper, there really isn''t a good way to
fix, you might try cut a small piece of the same paper the size of the hole. glue and then press the sides so that
the paper blends together. then shade again with the same pencils if that is what you used. slowly until it blends.
Its hard to discontinue a picture that you worked so hard on. But the better result is to start over, take your time,
and use the one you have now as a learning experience. You will be surprised that your next picture will even be
better than you expected because of your experience. Don't get discouraged. Every artist has made thousands of
mistakes in the learning process. I know I do.

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