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Helpful Hints to Abbreviations, Chatspeak, Tagging, etc.

We've had a few discussions and questions on this and I think a "sticky" post of it's own for quicker reference will help out many of our members! So please feel free to add to this discussion. As I add your suggestions I will delete the comments so this stays easy to read and doesn't become a long chatter thread. LOL Thanks!!!


To tag your photo with stamp set use all lowercase letters and no spaces.....example: signsofautumn or ayearofleaves
Add the stamp illustrator........example.....gina or melanie, etc.
Add the challenge the same way if you participated in a challenge......example......stvpf22
Add this abbreviation if you used any Gina K. stamps.......gkd


dh-darling husband
dd-darling daughter
ds-darling son
dgd-darling granddaughter
dgs-darling grandson
pp-patterned paper
dp-designer paper
imho-in my humble opinion, in my honest opinion, etc.
imo-in my opinion
LOL - laugh out loud
ROTFL - roll on the floor laughing
TFS - thanks for sharing
SCS - splitcoast stampers
PCP - papercraft planet
STV - stampTV
GKD - GinaK designs
GKDT - GinaK Design Team
SU - Stampin Up
FB - facebook
BF - best friends
BFF - best friends forever
STVCC - stampTV color challenge (Mondays)
STVSCR - stampTV Scrapbook challenge (Tuesdays)
STVTC - stampTV technique challenge (Wednesdays)
STVSC - stampTV sketch challenge (Thursdays)
STVPF - stampTV potluck Friday (Fridays)
BRB - be right back
FIL-father-in-law back later back in a bit
BOBL.........big ole belly laugh
SYL.......see ya later
EP - embossing powder
CB - Cuttlebug
KWIM - know what I mean
CAS - clean and simple
CASE - copy and share everything
OMG - oh, my gosh
BG - background
DP/DSP - designer paper
DIGI - digital image
NP - no problem
NM - nevermind
LO - layout
CSS - Center Stage Spotlight (guest design team)
BTW - by the way
WTG - way to go
DPS - double page spread
GF - Girlfriend! (yes, with an exclamation point!) :)
KISS - Keep It Super Simple (Tina's version)
KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid (Tina's is nicer!)
IRL - In Real Life
PSF - Pretend Stampin' Friends
TTYL - Talk to you later
JK - Just kidding 
OMS - Odorless Mineral Spirits
SAHM - Stay at Home Mom/Stay at Home Stamper!

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OK Lee,
Can you use abbreviations like: (and please correct me if I've got some wrong!!!!)

HB or HEM or HE = Heat Emboss
DMB or DEM or ? = Dry Emboss
OMS - odorless mineral spirits
Hmm.....I've never seen those abbreviations Lagene........I don't see why you couldn't use them, although they may be less popular so you'd have to explain them! LOL
Gonna bump this up since we have lots of new members with some questions!!!
Good reminders....
On the 'MY PAGE' - left column is where you can add - RSS - what is RSS? looks like it might be a web link....rubber stamping site...I dunno
Tera Fujan (aka Stamp Queen) said:
On the 'MY PAGE' - left column is where you can add - RSS - what is RSS? looks like it might be a web link....rubber stamping site...I dunno

RSS is a "feed" you can use........mine is for my Blog so that the top post will appear in that column of My Page.
What is RAK?
This is really great and I'm going print it out and put it right next to my- how to spell list!!!! :))
Hi Lagene. It's Random Act of Kindness. Another you might see is BRAK - Birthday Random Act of Kindness.

Lagene Sands said:
What is RAK?
Time for a reminder...
Lee, can we add SAHM to the list? Someone asked about it and it might be nice to add.

Okay, for the "Computer Losers", like me, duh....LOL  (I mean that jokingly, but it IS true.)

When typing a message...we used to put the whole phrase, then immediately put the abbrev in parathesis, then for the rest of the message, you can use the abbrev, and one could simply refer back to the word. 

But, in this technology, there are more abbrev then you can shake a stick at...LOL

Don't get me started on the cell phone text abbreviations. 

OMGosh, I have spent time trying to figure things out, so, I would NOT to look like an idiot, but, I always end of asking what it means??  LOL  I'm terrible, ha! 

My daughter thinks I am hilarious for asking!  I don't mind, I wasn't born knowing all this technology. 

How is it that my 10 year old grandson knows more than I do?  haha  My grandsons help me!  LOL

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