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I have just recently added a few cards and I mistakenly added the same card twice.  I have forgotten how to delete cards from the site, can someone please help me.

I even did the post wrong the first time, so I apologise for getting this wrong as well.

I haven't been on the site for such a long time, due to illness, so please forgive all the mistakes that I am making.  I will learn again.  Sorry.  Jen x

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Jen, while you are logged into your account here, if you click on your photo that you want to delete from the gallery, you should see a button on the top right of the photo area called "options".  If you click on that button, the last option in the list should be delete.  I hope that helps.

Thank you so much, it has now gone. lol J

Hi Jennifer, Yes!  :)  What Shelly V. Said!  And don't worry about making mistakes and we are glad you are able to be back with us!  <3  

We have THE best GKD fans!  Thanks Shelley V!

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