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I have tried to enter the challenge for Shabby Chic, and corrected tag and still won't go into the challenge. I don't know what I did wrong. .

I also tried to enter the chat signed in. but could not get words in conversation. where do you click to chat?

frustrated , but determined .  thank for help.

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thank you for putting my card in the challenge. I appreciate it very much. sorry to be such a problem. not a computer expert I am afraid, but learning .

Don't feel bad at all. The only way I can post my cards is to take the picture myself and then give the camera to my dear hubby!  When we had cable sometimes I would have to call my 12 yr old son to "fix" the remote if I pushed a wrong button. He would come in, roll his eyes and push two buttons and fix it. Maybe the eye rolling was the trick(?). HA  

thanks Robin, I at least you have a 12 yr old around to "fix". and roll his eyes. I have no one here to do anything with this confused machine. My hubby, isn't into the computers. No children at home. So OOPS! happens. thanks for the answer. I had a chuckle. Someone put my card in the challenge. I sure do appreciate their kindness and help.

Well the story was quite a while ago(son is about to be 24) but I  still insist he provide tech support on the phone if I need it.

You all please always feel free to ask for help!!  We love that you play along...and I know if I didn't have my computer tech hubby and son....I'd be lost sometimes! LOL

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