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HELP...!!! Color Blending on Neenah Classic Solar White 80#

Hi Everyone, I am new to GK Designs and the blogs or whatever these are called. I am also not very computer literate so please bear with me. I am on a fact finding mission.

I have seen so many videos using Distress Inks (DI) & Distress Oxides (DO). I purchased the above card stock because everyone seemed to be using it and blending the colors over white embossing powder with amazingly beautiful results. My problem is that with the Ranger blending tools, inks and C/S I am not getting the same results. I begin off my paper and work my way onto the piece I want to use and that is when the colors leave every mark from the blending tool, nothing blends together. The only thing that does work out is the color comes off the white embossing when I rub it. aaarrrggghhh!

I spent a lot of money on this ream of card stock and was so looking forward to using it and now I am just frustrated. I am a seasoned stamper since 1994 so I am not new to this. Which may be making this all the more aggravating. 

The colors are always said in videos to blend so well together and I need some input into what I may be doing wrong? Any assistance anyone can give would be so deeply appreciated that you would not believe.

I know that on StampTV and GKD everyone uses GKD ink pads but can you help?

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I don’t know if This will help but are you moving you blending tool in a circular motion?

That always makes a difference also try using different pressure on your tool.

I buy that cardstock by the ream and it works for me for most everything.  

Distress Oxides do blend easier than regular Distress inks.  A tip for the oxides is to really get a lot of ink onto the blending tool.  Your sponge should look totally the color of your inkpad.  Blending with these is so pretty and opaque, but it is a lot of ink your are putting on there.

Regular distress inks can be blended too.  Definitely work in a circular motion.  Also, tilt your tool up a little so that the front edge of the tool doesn’t hit the paper first, it is more like your are hitting first with the center of the sponge.  Hope that makes sense!  So with these, you do want to start with a little color and then work up to more.

This cardstock also works well with alcohol marker coloring and basic stamping, so I am sure you will find a use for it.  

Hi Althea, I only use Gina K. Cardstock, but I would think it works the same with the oxide inks. I also use the sponge dauber to apply my dye inks and oxides. But I do have the blending tool and since I put lots and lots of oxide ink on it to sponge it works fine!  Like Heidi mentioned, try lifting the edge of the sponging tool, that I hope that helps! :) 

OK ladies, thanks for the advice. Other than the heavy hand that I may be using I think I have all else down pat. I will take your advice on all the suggestions and see if maybe my technique improves. I didn't think about lifting the front edge of the tool.

As for inking the tool you are right it is a lot of ink being applied to it so I need to take that into account and apply lightly and heavier as I go if needed. 

Thank you so much for your input.

While I know you  use the GK card stock I was hoping that maybe in another life you used the Neenah. lol

Today I gave the blending tools another chance...myself too.

I took the advice from several of you and while I still struggle with what colors to use to complement each other, I did find the technique works better when I don't lead with the front edge. I do like the DO inks and sprayed with a light mist of water to add to the over effect.

Thanks for all the suggestions.With more practice and better knowledge of blending colors I will win this fight.

I think this has been my hardest lesson to learn in all my years of stamping.

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