Card making, rubber stamping techniques and project videos for papercrafters

Oh goodness..bear with me.  I am new to the card making scene and am starting to familiarize myself with techniques, terms, tools, the whole nine yards.  I'm sure you remember how it was when you first started.  After much research several blogs highly recommended STV and Gina K. Designs and especially her kits.  I definitely want to get one of those, but am having trouble finding where I order it at.  Also, do you have any must haves for a beginner card maker - other sources in addition to Gina K?  I love it so much and feel like I have to have it all right now...ha ha.

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ha ha...That is awesome Virginia!  I do love Gina's personality during her demonstrations, there is no genericness there.  I like that she lists everything out too - I have a shopping list already for things that I need to get just from watching the videos.  I am so glad I came across her, this site and all of you wonderfully creative people when I did.

Virginia Burns said:

One of the best things about Gina's terrific tutorials is that if she uses products other than GKD, eg Spellbinders, Memento inks, Tim Holtz distress inks, Copics, Bic pens, even her Cuttlebug ... she will tell you and she lists the products at the beginning. I think that's one of the best things about the videos, that she does this. 

Her card, paper and stamps always seem to be GKD though. 

And you are right Misty, of all the card presenters on Youtube, noone has a better presentation or lists out what you will need, and need to do in the making of a card.

And another big plus? Gina doesn't begin every video with "Hi Everyone"!

Hi Gina --

Yes, they have all been wonderful!  I am so glad I came across you and this wonderful community.  I spend way too much time on here.  ha ha.  You do an amazing job and make everything seem so simple and doable.  Thank you!

Gina K. said:

Hi Misty! Looks like everyone answered your question! Welcome to StampTV! Everyone here is so awesome and helpful. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful group of people here that share ideas and friendship.

The current one was released last week (Jan. 17).  All the parts of the previous ones are available, just not sold as a set. Here are links to the video presentations for the past several.  You can see what was included in the kits and a card project tutorial.

The current kit still available - Journey of the Heart StampTV Kit (video for Release Party - Jan. 17, 2014)

Season's Greetings StampTV kit (video for Release Party - Oct. 24, 2013)

(Season's Greetings Stamp Set, Snow Frame Mini Stamp Set)

Grateful Heart StampTV Kit (video for Release Party - August 15, 2013)

(4 Mini Stamp Sets: Autumn Blessings, Grateful Heart, Harvest of Wishes, and You're My Favorite)

Days of Summer StampTV Kit (Video for Release Party - June 6, 2013)

(4 Mini Stamp Sets: A Wish for You, Fishing You The Best, You're The Sweetest, and Summer Blooms)

Spring Parade StampTV Kit (Video for Release Party - April 4, 2013)

(4 Mini Stamp Sets:  Dreams Take Flight, Sweet Friend, Shine On, and Blossom)

Misty Weisensteiner said:

Thanks Lisa -- Good to know that they come out every other month.  Was the current one just released in January?  Can you buy previous ones?  I can't seem to find those if you can.

Lisa Babitz said:

New kits are released once every other month.  It is available as a kit (with cardstock, paper, ribbon, etc.) for the first month, and then the stamp set(s) are sold individually after that. (The names of the stamp sets don't include the word "kit" when sold individually, so unless you know what the kits included or what the kit was called, you may not realize they were part of a kit.) In the "off month," there are usually new stamp sets released that are not part a kit.  You can click on the SHOP tab above (or you can log onto directly), and click on WHAT'S NEW to see the current kit (or sets) being sold.  

As far as "must have" sets, that's tough.  I keep finding sets that I feel I must have!  I guess the best way to start would be to decide what types of cards you feel you would make most, like birthday, thank  you, etc. and then click on STAMP SETS under PRODUCTS on the home page.  There, you can click on STAMPS BY THEME to zero in on what you might like. The videos and the galleries that pop up when you search a particular stamp set always make me want to buy those sets!  I have to warn you - you will become hooked on the wealth of information and inspiration, and all the great products that are available from StampTV and Gina K Designs!

I would also like to add, WELCOME! Misty!!!  Plus, I did read some of the comments, and I wanted to also point out that you should stop by the FREEBIES section.  (up top in the Header)

Freebies not only include Cut-Files, but also there are other printable items, including some cardstock designs.  Check it out at any rate, I am sure that you will be delighted with what you find.

When I was a Newbie, I went to the FREEBIE section, and printed out everything available, and when you are starting out, it is ALL good stuff!  Remember, it's FREE, just for being a StampTv Member, so that is the greatest thing for beginners!  Well, anyway, I thought so, and, I still re-visit that section just to make sure I am not missing out on anything.  LOL

I own a Silhouette Cameo (Designer Edition), and boy, getting FREE cut-files to go with my GinaK Designs Stamps is a real plus!  So much fun whenever you get to that point, if you choose to go to that level.  Just saying that it is available. 

You will find so many friendly, helpful people here. 

Also, check out the GROUPS section, just to see what's offered, if you have any interest in that area.  Just's there, and you are free to decide.  LOL

Good Luck with your cardmaking/papercrafting journey! 

Misty, I am adding my two cents --Welcome.  As you have heard from everyone else "This is the place to be" for inspiration, knowledge and friendship and feeling at home with your card making/paper crafting. 

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