Card making, rubber stamping techniques and project videos for papercrafters

Hi my name is Connie.  Would love to get to know some of you.  And hope to learn a few new things. 

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Hi, Connie! Welcome to this wonderful site. You will have lots of fun here and meet some wonderful people. And it is the perfect place to learn!

Hello Connie, welcome to stamp TV!! If you need any help just ask, everyone is so helpful and friendly!! Happy stamping!

Hi Connie!  Welcome to Stamp Tv!  :) We are So glad you are here!  Our Members are wonderful and if you ever have any questions please ask. We have a Members Sharing Thread and lots of helpful members. You can always reach out to any of us and there is a lot of Info across the top. Where you can put you mouse one the Forum at the top and you will get a drop down, the same with a few others up there as well. Click on what ever looks interesting. There is a whole bunch of info and all Gina's videos are also listed on the right side as you scroll down. Enjoy and We hope you will join us in our Challenges!  :)   <3 

Whoo hoo!  Welcome Connie.  This is the best site to learn and grow from.  You may just find you have plenty to teach us too  :)

Hi Connie - Welcome to the message board. I am sure that you will love it here, everyone is so kind and also very helpful. If you have any questions, just ask and someone will answer you

Welcome Connie!  There are groups you can join and make many friends.  We are a happy group of people and we love to answer questions.  We have all been beginners at some point both on this site and in paper crafting.

Welcome Connie to Stamp TV.  I still am quite new here myself and just love the community here.  Can't wait to see your creations.  We all learn from one another here and everyone is so helpful.  Also, Happy New Year to you.  This is a great way to start off the new year.

Hi Connie, welcome to this wonderful stamping community. This is a great place to meet fellow crafters (aka enablers) and learn new things.

Hi Connie,

Welcome! This is a great place for stampers to hang out. Lots of super nice people and wonderful inspiration.

Welcome, Connie! You will love the wonderful people you meet here!  I have learned so much by watching the videos, reading the comments and just asking when I have a question!  You're goin' to love it here!!!!

Thank you for such a wonderful welcome. ...what is everyone working on?  What do you like best,  scrapping, card making, collecting stash? I like it all! 

I just make cards  and collecting stash is part of it. I make mostly birthday cards to donate to my local Meals on Wheels. They give everyone a card on their birthday and sometimes that card is just a half sheet of copy paper. I know that I can do better for them and I wish others would help to as they have close to 500 members and it would be wonderful if they could give each member a hand made birthday card. Sometimes Meals on Wheels is their only contact with someone.

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