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One More Time--Gina K Design Lovers---Let's do it again!


This swap is Round 5 on StampTV!  The first 4 swaps here that I hosted were so much fun and there were some OUTSTANDING cards sent in!! You can check out the albums in my gallery to see the cards from the previous swaps. So--here we go---Round 5 is up!


The swap is for full cards with any Gina K Design stamped image on it. Think flowers, birds, buds, butterflies, etc.  The image can be any set that Gina K sells--one of her own or any of her awesome designers. If Gina sells it, it counts here!!!!!!!!


Description: Full Size Card - 4 1/4 x 5 1/2. You do not need to supply envelopes. Please use at least 2 layers and 1 embellishment!  This swap is for any spring themed card--think general (get well, birthday, sympathy, etc) or holiday (Easter, Mother's Day, St. Patrick's Day, etc..) Sign up for as many spots as you'd like, but please, make a different design for each spot you take.  See below for how to get a prize for more than one spot.


Quantity: 5+1. You will be sending me six cards and getting five back. You will not get one of your own back, so make an extra one for yourself. The plus one is for me as the hostess.


Vendor Products: Any stamp from Gina K--use any set that she sells--but PLEASE use very good quality cardstock (GKD, SU or PTI only).  No vendor restriction on embellishments - use as many embellishments as you like. Designer papers are also encouraged, but not required.  Be Proud of Your Creation!


Due Date: Tuesday, March 15th - I will mail them as soon as I receive all swaps! If I receive the swaps early, I will send them out early. If your cards are received after the due date, I may have to return them to you. Please post on the thread when your cards are shipped. Also, please post on the thread or send me a message if there are any issues or if you need to drop out. Sometimes life interferes with stamping and it is OK to drop out of the swap--no problem!!!!  Please communicate with me as to your status.


Notification: I have a request of anyone who signs up for this swap---please add me as your "friend" here on StampTV. The only way that I can contact people is to post here on the thread or to send someone a personal message. However I can only send messages to those that are my friends, so please add me if I am not already one so that I can communicate with you on an individual basis. THANKS!


Mailing instructions: Place swap cards in a large Ziploc for waterproof purposes. Write your real name, StampTV name and swap name on a piece of paper or on the bag for identification purposes.


Swap Return: Please include self-addressed stamped envelope. The amount of postage on your SASE should be the same amount used to mail to hostess. Please include 2 additional stamps to insure enough postage to return swaps. Additional postage will be returned if not used. PLEASE SEND ONLY POSTAGE STAMPS, NO DATED STAMPS OR METERED MAIL--My Post Office will not take them. If you would rather use Priority mail, please include one $4.90 priority stamp and a self-addressed priority label. I will provide priority envelope, so you do not need to send one. If you are mailing from Canada please include $5 US to cover return postage, and I will return whatever is left to you.  Please post when you receive your cards in return too


Now, How to get a Prize:  If you sign up for more than one spot, you will get a prize in your return envie.  Sign up for three spots and get two prizes!


Please post or send a message to me via StampTV with any questions.


Please mail swaps to:

Barb Deichl

Gina K swap

S25 W30189 Jenna Lane

Waukesha, WI 53188-9136



2----Kathy Adams--received 3-11

3----Sherrie Shupe--received 3-16

4----Sherrie Shupe--received 3-16 and 2 prizes (one is from Round 4)

5----Debra Ramsey--received 2-24

6----Debra Ramsey--received 2-24 and 2 prizes (one is from Round 4)

7----Banu--received 3-5

8----Banu--received 3-5--and 2 prizes (one is from Round 4)

9----Alita Long--received 3-28

10--Alita Long--received 3-28--and 2 prizes (one is from Round 4)

11--Gale Sewell--received 3-16

12--Gale Sewell --received 3-16 and 2 Prizes (one is from Round 4)

13--Mary Catherine Ronnerman--received 3-17



16--Julie Nowosielska--received 2-3

17--Janeen Thompson--Received 1-19

18--Wendy Bagan--received 2-9

19--Wendy Bagan--received 2-9--and a prize

20--Kari Webster--received 2-12


22--Melissa Vannoy--received 2-26

23--Melissa Vannoy---received 2-26--and a prize

24--Joni Markowski--received 2-28




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Sign me up! Kathy Adams
Sign me up for 2 spots Barb!
got Kathy in for one spot--thanks, Barb

Kathy Adams said:
Sign me up! Kathy Adams
and, Sherrie in for two spots.


Sherrie Shupe said:
Sign me up for 2 spots Barb!
Sign me up for 2 spots. The cards received from the last swap were wonderful!
glad you like them--got you added for two spots!

Thanks, Barb

Debra Ramsey said:
Sign me up for 2 spots. The cards received from the last swap were wonderful!
I'm here Barb, the last swap's return was so wonderful! Thanks!

Laura Jean
Thanks LJ--got you down for one set. Thanks so much for stopping--Barb

LauraJean said:
I'm here Barb, the last swap's return was so wonderful! Thanks!

Laura Jean
Barb, I am in. Please give me two spots. Thanks.
Great--glad you stopped by.

Thanks, Barb

Banu said:
Barb, I am in. Please give me two spots. Thanks.
Hi Barb!
Please put me down for 2 spots!
great to have you back again--thanks, Barb

Alita Long said:
Hi Barb!
Please put me down for 2 spots!


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