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I recall seeing an Image I believe Gina's daughter drew of a witch, I can not find where I saw this but was wondering if it was ever a stamp and if you thought it would ever be release again. It was such a cute image.  Thanks for any info. 

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This is the only set I could find. There was a image sheet to a smaller set, but I do't know if or when it will be available. 

No thats not it, thanks for looking it is an image that ginas daughter drew and one that needs colored

I found it by searching Google.  It was called "Feel the Magic".  All of hers have been retired, though.

Thanks i searched today but wasnt finding it

It was Feel  the Magic back in 2009.  Here's a link to Gina's card in the gallery

Gayle Thanks that is it, I had checked back on Gina's blog but it didn't go back that far. 

Would be nice if she would re-release it!

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