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Hi all,

  I'm not exactly new to stamping & card-making, but this summer I've decided to step it up.  I signed up to make cards for my church fundraiser, and have even started brainstorming for my Christmas cards (I'm embarrassed to admit that first step takes me a really long time).
   I realized that my decorative punches are starting to overflow their assigned box, and I started thinking about a die cutter.  And that led to browsing for hours online looking at what my husband calls "card porn"!  I got lots of great ideas and umm, even a few new stamps. 
   And now , I admit that I am filled with die-cutter lust!  Plus, Joann's has a good deal on the Big Shot (both manual & electric).  Is the Big Shot starting off too expensive for my first die cutter?  Should I work up to it -- I mean, the Cuttlebug seems good enough for Gina!  Is it worth the extra bucks for the electric version? 
    Your feedback is greatly appreciated!


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Hi Catherine,
I would recomend the bigshot you can do everything with it, i know a lot of people who got the cuttlebug then traded up as the bigshot is very sturdy and an excellent tool.

I have a bick kick which is the same thing with a different shape. I love it. I can use all the dies and embossing folders. I got it with a 50% off coupon a few years ago. I say go for the big shot and make sure you use a coupon or get a good deal.
Take a look at Gina's Spellbinders video from CHA. Now you can get 8-1/2" wide machines. I don't know where it will ever end! I have the Cuttlebug and love it, and I have Slice, too. I think having the bigger size will be next.
I'd fight ya over my Big Shot! LOL, love it!
Oooh, I have't had a chance to see the videos yet. The bigger big shot sounds awesome. On my future when I find some money and a good deal list. :o)
My husband got me a big shot for my birthday in october and i would not trade it for anything. I LOVE it!! He bought me the cricut for christmas a few months later and I have used the big shot ALOT!! and hardly touched the cricut. Hope this helps.
Thanks, everyone, for the helpful comments. I really appreciate it,
Hopefully this will be one item on my birthday wishlist that gets checked off!

;p cathy

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