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Does anyone know the best glue to use for flocking? Gina has some adorable  animal stamps that call for flocking in my mind. Imade a card using the kangaroo and it turned out great but the flocking was hard instead of soft and fuzzy. so I am guessing that I neede to use a different glue.  Any ideas out there?

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Some flocking ideas:

Tiny Spaces: I use a Quickie glue pen

Medium spaces: Zig 2- Way Glue pen

Larger spaces or entire images, like a dog or a bunny: I use my Xyron - I insert the image UPSIDE DOWN and crank it through with the permanent adhesive cartridge loaded - this puts the thin, even layer of adhesive on the side where the image is.  You just pour the flocking over the image and smoosh smoosh smoosh, or if you dump your flocking out into a tidy tray or something like that you can just turn the image upside down so the sticky side is face down in the flock, shake off the excess into a folded piece of paper the way Gina does with embossing powder in her videos.  FYI - this method with the Xyron works great for covering entire panels with adhesive for glittering them up too!  ;)

Just some methods I try.  Hope you find something that works for you!  :)

Yes that's right on the money!

I just use tacky adhesive. Any glue that dries clear will work, so long as you smooth is out. I use a paint brush (several different sizes) to smooth it on. I make sure I immediately clean my brush after using it so the glue doesn't dry and ruin it. It will no longer be good for painting, so I don't use expensive ones. One thing to note about flocking: it is translucent at times. So, if you use white card stock with brown flocking, the white will show through. I usually color my image with markers and then flock, so it looks like the color of the flock, but I don't have to use so much flock that it clumps. After my image is dry, I also take a toothbrush and lightly brush away excess flocking. I hope this helps. Have fun!

Since I do not expect to do flocking on a regular basis, I have made notes of these suggestions so  I do not forget in between, as can happen too easily.  Thank you so much for the information. I appreciate the help.

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