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We know the GKD Grab Bags are SUPER duper fun and have a fabulous assortment of stamps!!!  But sometimes we may already have a stamp or two that are in our Grab Bag.  What to do?  Well if you would can see if other members may have the same thing going on. 

So here is a swap thread.  This will be for Gina K. stamps ONLY that you would like to swap or give away.  There are no rules here.....just post what you have and then if you would like to swap with someone you will arrange it between the two of you.  Let each other know what country you're in so that you're aware of possible mailing costs.

If you have any questions, also feel free to ask and I'm sure someone will jump in with an answer....I'll also keep an ear on the thread.

Have fun swapping stamps and getting inky!!!!!

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Would love to trade my Floral Wreath for the grapes from Fruitful Harvest. Let's strike a deal. I'll message you!
Sylvia Rivera said:

I'm willing to trade these stamps. Judy, I would love your floral wreath, hope you find something. Donna, do you still have the strawberry plant? Take a look at the stamps I'm will to swap, you might want the sofa. Let me know.


I am interested in purchasing (or trading) a basket stamp - either Holiday Basket or Spring Basket - so I will have one for my topper stamp of stuffed animal toys. If you have one you don't want or need & would like to spread the GKD love toward the SE (NC), would you please let me know? Thank you!

Wish I had seen this floral wreath sooner would loved to have had it.

Judy Woodland said:

Just got my new grab bag. It was full of wonderful stuff, thanks GKD!!! Will post photo later.  Here is a duplicate that I'd be willing to trade for another image stamp. Make me an offer if you're interested.

I live in Michigan but would be willing to send anywhere.

Just got all this cool stuff in my grab bag. Thanks so much GKD, you are so generous. The items stamped in red are up for trade. If you are interested let me know. I live in Michigan but will ship anywhere.

Hello!  I am looking for the clear mistletoe stamp that came in the stately flower 5 pack.  Thru a series of mishaps, I have lost mine and would love to replace it.  Someone may have gotten one in a grab bag and not want it or already has one.  Please contact  the powers to be.  I am in upstate NY ( under 18 " of snow lol) in the USA.  Thanks for taking the time to read this.


Someone mentioned in an earlier post that all you have to do is call in an request an individual stamp and it just costs $3. An idea if you don't get it in a trade.

I have several duplicate stamps up for swapping, they are the items stamped in red, 5 in all.  Let me know if anyone is interested.  Thanks so much!

Nice selection, love that dp. It's one of my favs. Hope you get some takers on your dups.

I have Beyond Baskets-rubber to trade if someone has something to get rid of, let me know what it is!

Do you have an actual basket to trade?

No, not a basket. It is the whole set with the wheelbarrel, winebarrel, bucket and wagon.

This is a great idea, I am looking forward to get stamps

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