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I spent half an hour in Michael's yesterday and another 20 minutes in Lowe's looking for either Gamsol or Odorless Mineral Spirits. Much to my dismay, I didn't find it. I asked my husband where one would look to find OMS, he said any hardware store. Nuh-uh, said I. He said it's basically Turpentine. Is this true? Or is there another product I should be looking for? I really want to try the colored pencil and OMS technique!!!

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Thanks for the tip on Goo Gone, Beverly! I have used baby oil, but wasn't really pleased with my results. I found odorless mineral spirits at Hobby Lobby one aisle over from the colored pencils. I've also heard that Gina K's product is really good and you can buy a pretty pump bottle to boot!
A tip for OMS users - I'm a little too clutzy to have a small dish of OMS on my table, and I saw a tutorial somewhere where someone had a bottle with a dauber top on it. Michael's only sells the bigger bottles, so I took an empty stamp cleaner bottle (the kind with the dauber top), cleaned it out and refilled it with OMS. The dauber top was a little bit of work to get off, but it does just pop out. All I have to do now to use OMS is tip the bottle upside down to get the liquid to to the top and dab my stump on the dauber!
The OMS that I use is from an Art Store. It is Gamsol made by Gamblin and is 100% pure ordorless mineral spirits. I never smell it when I'm using it. I have it in that great little pump bottle I bought from Gina. This little bottle is so perfect for doing this technique because you don't have to stop and pour out some when you are ready to blend. You just flip the top and you are ready to go.
Thanks for posting this. I looked in Micheal's yesterday too and couldn't find either. I think I'm going to just buy some through Gina K. with the next release purchases!
I use baby oil or Mona Lisa OMS...both works fine.

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