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I spent half an hour in Michael's yesterday and another 20 minutes in Lowe's looking for either Gamsol or Odorless Mineral Spirits. Much to my dismay, I didn't find it. I asked my husband where one would look to find OMS, he said any hardware store. Nuh-uh, said I. He said it's basically Turpentine. Is this true? Or is there another product I should be looking for? I really want to try the colored pencil and OMS technique!!!

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I don't know about the turpentine.. But I can tell you that I use goo gone. It is what I have on had (I think all teacher's have this).. Not only does it remove gum from underneath a student's desk, it also blends colored pencils like magic with a nice citrus smell - LOL! So, I just use the goo gone... works for me.
HERE is a link to what goo gone looks like. And it really is magic. My DS got gum all over the couch, and it removed it just like magic. I buy the 8oz bottle and it is about the same price listed here...$4.99. I've seen it at CVS, Target, WalMart, and it should be at the hardware store as well.
I'm thinking about ordering one of the GinaK pumps.. what an easy way to store it!
Odorless Mineral Spirits is also a solvent and is used for cleaning and degreasing as well.. OMS and Goo Gone probably have the same basic properties... Hope this helps...
I also found this info on Wikipedia.. so your hubby may be right...
Artists use mineral spirits as an alternative to turpentine, one that is both less flammable and less toxic. Because of interactions with pigments, artists require a higher grade of mineral spirits than many industrial users, including the complete absence of residual sulphur. Odorless Mineral Spirits are mineral spirits that have been further refined to remove the more toxic aromatic compounds, and are recommended for applications such as oil painting, where humans have close contact with the solvent.

So, maybe OMS are less toxic..
Someone gave me the tip that odorless mineral spirits could be bought at Michael's - it is under the brand name Mona Lisa and it is called Odorless Paint Thinner (I think). I bought some and it worked fine with the colored pencils. It is a white bottle and it was in the art section. I didn't know about Goo Gone then or I would have used that instead. Hope this helps.
That DOES help! Thank you both for your quick responses. At least I know what to look for.
Also, if you have baby oil at home, you can give that a try. That's all that I use and it works great while reminding me of good smelling babies :)
I have found both in my art supply store among the oil paints.
If you can't find it locally, Gina K. Designs OMS is availabe at
I was told that odourless turpentine is the same thing... and it's what I've been using.
I use some OMS found at our Home Depot........but my friend got Gina's OMS and it definitely has less of an odor than the stuff I have!! I tried Baby Oil but I'm waaaaaay too messy of a stamper and got oily residue on the rest of my card I was making.
I use GooGone too... works great!
Well, I tried the Goo Gone last night and was very pleased with the results! I didn't notice any odor, and it didn't spread beyond where I rubbed it. If I come across some OMS in my travels, I will probably pick some up, but the GG did work! Thanks for all the suggestions.
Beverly thanks for the Goo Gone suggestion. I picked some up at Home Hardware yesterday. Now I just have to try it. Oh and get that great container from Gina K.
I did the very same thing earlier in the week. Armed with my 40% coupon, I finally asked a clerk and was given the Mona Lisa brand of odorless paint thinner. I wasn't sure, but after reading the ingredients found it was odorless mineral spirits. Wish it came in a smaller bottle. I'm sure I won't ever use the whole thing.

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