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I knew I could get you here!  :) 

Have you ever been in the Freebie section?

If you have, I bet you have forgotten all the cool things in there!

If you haven't,
Then you should really check it out.

It is a FULL of Freebies!  

If you look up across the top and see the word Freebie... 

That is what you click on to enjoy all the free stuff

or click here!  :) <3

It's just an extra special gift from Gina!  

ENJOY! <3 

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Love the Freebies!  One trick I learned last summer was to print the patterned paper with toner and make my own foil paper.  You have to set your toner on high, but mine comes out great!

There are so many fun things in there! And yes, good tip Retta! :)

Will there be a cover page for the Mini Kit stamp set? Love your idea Retta!

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