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Hello and Happy Friday to you!  It's time for another Free For All Friday and time for another CASE the DT challenge!  This week we are casing Cathy Tidwell. You can choose ANY card of Cat's to CASE.  Just tell us which card, either by giving us the title of the card you CASEd or the link to the actual card of the DT member we are doing that week.  There are a few simple rules to this and they are:


1.  You need to change 2 or more things on the card.  Colors, image used, add more bling, take away bling, etc....

2.  You will need to provide the title of the card or a link to the card that you CASEd.

3.   Have fun!!  :D

Here is a link to Cathy's gallery...

Cathy's Gallery

I love Cat's gallery and her beautiful distressed elegant style! Here is the card I cased...



And here is my sample based on Ca'ts card...


I changed the layout a bit and only tore one edge of the focal image then added a second dragonfly.



Ok, it's your turn now!   Go and browse Cat's gorgeous gallery, I KNOW you will be inspired!  And now for the small print!! :D

Please create and upload a new project for this challenge and it can only be entered into this challenge here on StampTV to be eligible for a prize. However, you can use it for challenges outside of StampTV. If you use Gina K. Designs stamps, your name will go into the drawing twice.

Be sure and have your project uploaded to our gallery here on StampTV using the tag STVFRITMCC2  by  8:00PM CST, August 25th, Thursday night.


Here you can find all the entries for this challenge:


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I couldn't sleep tonight thinking about this challenge. So, I went to work on it. lol


Here is the original card made by, Cat. Its called - Green Peace. I love the fact that this is a simple card made entirely by GKD's Vintage Borders.


And this is my simple version. The twist is, I turned Cat's flat card into what's call a - shadow box card. I hope you ladies like it. TFL!


Great gallery, Cat! Lots of inspiration!


Theresa... Fabulous card!

Here is my attempt to COPY-CAT!



Ahhhhh!  Ya'll flatter me!   :D  Talk about making somebodies day!!  (week, month,!)  And I am so loving seeing all of your cards...some of you have dug up some OLD cards that I had forgotten about even!   It's so thrilling to inspire someone, and a CASE is the highest from of a compliment to me!   :D

Hiya Dina!   You are right, wont learn if you dont ask, and it doesnt bother us  a bit!   Theresa posted a link to my gallery up there, but here it is again for ya!


Looking forward to what you find inspiring too!  :D
Dina said:

Both very gorgeous cards!

I have a small question though... How do I find Cathy's gallery so I can case one of her cards! I am not really computer savvy but if I don't ask I won't learn ;)

Here is attempt #3 this one CASEing Cat's "Thanks for everything!" card.
Attempt #4 at CASEing Cat's wonderful work.  This one is CASEd from Cat's Daisy on Vellum.  I promise, this is my last attempt.  The card is very different, yet similar.  My picture, however, is incredibly bad in comparison.
Thank you Cat :)))))) Am going there right now.... well as soon as I hit that Add Reply button......which is now!

I Iove Cat's cards, so it was really difficult to choose which one to CASE. I chose THIS ONE.

I changed the color of the card base, the ribbon, the image, and instead of direct to paper ink for the bg, I made mine using the encaustic wax technique (crayons and an iron).

HERE is my attempt.

Will someone PLEASEexplain to me what CASE the dt means?  I know I read it some time ago, but cannot seem to remember.


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