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I don't know how many more have the same problem. But anytime a challenge contest is on the social media like facebook , that leaves them out. I do not belong to any social media. I do look at Youtube, and other crafty sites. Please couldn't these be put here so you can enter? would love to enter the new foil give away, as i have not tried them...thank you for consideration.

Your challenge contest for the holiday wasn't on facebook, so I did enter that one.

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Are you signed up to Gina K's Blog? If you are you would have received that info about the foil giveaway. If not sign up now go to the Shop and at the top there is the word BLOG click that and then find where to sign up to follow her blog by email. You do have an email I am guessing.  Anyway thats where I get a lot of her info and you will see the blog hop after a release and you can see all the inspiration created with the new products.  Hope this helps

Pattie, are you talking about the Thermoweb foil give-a-way?  If so, it is on their blog.  Here is a link:

They are using Rafflecopter to find the winner.  On the list of chances, I hit maybe 2 as I do not use the social media.  Good Luck! 

Thank you I just went and entered too.  Couldn't enter the tweets no twitter for me.

thank you ladies so much, I went to Gina's blog and Thermoweb an sign in , No twitter for me either. social media is not for me, so only entered two as well.  I appreciate your responses.

I can't enter them all either but maybe even with a couple entries someone might be a winner. I don't tweet or twitter either. Good luck everyone.

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