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Is there a tutorial on how to use the "leftover" foil after making a card?

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Look on you tube under Gina K at CHA 2017 and there is a video titled Gina K Designs- thermo web-CHA sneak peek. She makes two cards out of one piece of foil using the positive and negative of a piece of foil. They are beautiful cards. But you do need the toner sheets to do the second one. But she explains all that. Hope that helps.

Thanks so much, Robin!  I was looking all over for that.  I can't wait to use the rest of my foil.  Have you made a lot of cards using this technique, and have they turned out well?

Glad I could help. I have a Minc Mini and just started experimenting this weekend. They look pretty good. I did some of Gina's sentiment's and plan on ordering some of the image sheets on my next order. Like anything else I guess you have to practice to get more comfortable with it. But I have had fun.

I did  a blog on foiling with some of Gina's products, and a unique way to use the leftover 'foil'.  

mkw_cards Foiled Again

Thanks so much, Mary Kay!  This weekend I'm going to get some of those toner sheets.  It's great when you can use all of the product that is purchased.

I have tried using some Spray Adhesive and it worked for me...I was looking for a more rustic look, lol!  Ill see if I can find that card I made with and post ehre too.

You can also just lay all the leftover foil pieces all over your Foil-Mates piece and as long as there is NO black showing, you can run that through the laminator for a multi-colored look! They can overlap and everything! So easy! AND fun! 

ok, found it!  I did a spritz of the spray adhesive with the left over foil from Gina's Snowflake foiling sheets that were not part of the Therma Web line.

this was a fun way to use the leftover.   I had some sheets of doublesided adhesive,so I cut to the size of a card and put it on a piece of cardstock.  I put the leftover on top of that and rubbed.  The red foil attached to the adhesive beautifully and the open spaces left adhesive exposed.  I then poured on some white glitter and rubbed it in.  So this back ground is red foil with white glitter.  

I love these Cat so pretty.
Did a bunch of foiling this morning. Was getting black spots. I cut a piece of heavy weight card stock in half and used both as a shim. Worked great, no more spots. Using a Mimi Minc and it took the cardstock shims, paper carrier, Foil-mate and Foil, no problem. Worth a try if you get spots.
Cat love your cards, was wandering when you used the leftover did you say you used spray adhesive? Would like mine on white paper like yours but if I use the toner sheets the images not foiled will be black, right?

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