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Is anyone else having problems with their Fiskars Personal Trimmer? I clean it, I put in a new blade, even though I just put one in (and I haven't been using it too much) I get ragged edges, like the one below. And I just tried with my heavy Pure Luxury CS, even that was ragged. Anyone else having difficulties, or have suggestions???



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Yep the blades don't last long! I think we use them harder than they thought we would when they designed them...... Lol. Suggestions? Nope, I just change the blade when the fuzzies get too bad. Sometimes I hit the cut edges with an emery board.
I sure am i have even brought blades from diferent shops in the hope that it was just a bad batch but i now have 6 blades that do the same thing
I have been having the same problem. I put in new blades from 2 different places an they both do the same thing. I have to run my sanding block over every cut. A big pain
Patty, I am having the same problem, also, the blade falls out often when it is at the top of the cutter. Have been wondering if it has gotten worn in the area that is a little larger. Have to use the sanding block often. Thinking of trying another cutter.
I've emailed my problem to Fiskar's yesterday. We'll see what they have to say. I don't have the table space for a guillotine cutter and I have tried other cutters, still have them, but didn't like the way they cut or line up. It's a wait and see what the manufacturers have to say!
Just to let you know, here is the reply I received from Fiskar's...

Thank you for your email. I apologize you have having fuzzy/dull cuts with your blades so soon. We are aware of some of the inconsistencies we have been experiencing with this style of blades.

I replied to them, asking for how soon we could expect a resolution to the problem. I'll keep you posted.
I'm happy to see Fiskars replied to you. I really hope they work out the problem. I've pretty much given up on mine but it's just so convient and space saving!! Thanks!
The blade can fall out at the top becase there is a section there, made wider, for taking blades out to change them. Try cuttng with a bit less pressure but faster. Also cut through aluminium foil to keep blade sharp. Hope this is helpful.
I changed my blade on an old trimmer today and was amazed what a fine job it's doing! I had forgotten how great it was.
I know this is an older thread, but I have had this issue as well.  I need to change the blades A LOT!  I really like the size and convenience of this trimmer though - it is wicked easy to score with using a stylus when I am too lazy to dig my Scor-pal out... or can't bend over to reach it...

Try cleaning out the 'ditch' that the cutter runs in. Mine gave bitty edges even when new blade was used. Fine now after really scrubbing the ditch with soap and water.


Tried this too, didn't help.  Still having to change blades every... 10 cards? if I want super crisp clean edges, which is ridiculous!  I had a separate blade I use for cutting pre-glittered cardstock (I thought maybe that was what was dulling the blade, nope).  I know I probably need a new cutter, but I like the size and style of this one SO much - it is compact and nice and light and I can score with it.  I don't want to have a big clunky guillotine cutter taking up space on my craft table 24/7 - and with my back and can't be moving it around all the time either.  :(  It is weird, I don't recall having trouble with the blades when I bought the trimmer back in...2005?  A lot of friends swear by the Tonic Guillotine trimmer... sigh...

Mal Moore said:

Try cleaning out the 'ditch' that the cutter runs in. Mine gave bitty edges even when new blade was used. Fine now after really scrubbing the ditch with soap and water.


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