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Does anyone else have trouble keeping the lids on their Distress Inks?  Has anyone found a solution for the problem?  I store my ink pads upside down and the lids inevitably fall off as I lift the pads from the container I keep them in.  If anyone can offer a suggestion, I'm all ears.  Thanks! 

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I store both my Momentos and Distress ink (even Tim H says that OK) right side up and have never had a problem. And Nicke keep looking for that Cassette storage. I scored one at a yard sale for 50 cents! It hold me Distress and momentos with room to spare.  

I have the tin box from Tim Holtz that was created for the Distress Ink Pads. Doesn't matter how they fit, sit, stare out the little window, those lids flop off no matter what. I don't understand why such a great creator cannot come up with a proper lid for his own stamp pads!!! Thanks for posting this topic. I've been wondering about this for a long time.

Guys, don't you use rubber bands?  I agree that Tim himself stores upright, I was in his class, and I wrote that below.  BUT, wait, do cassette storage units actually store the Distressed Inks?  I saw on You Tube somebody had to sand the edges to get then to fit. But if you guy say if fit, i believe it.  Is that cassette or CD storage, or is there a difference?  Now I am confused.  Cuz I can't remember how many we threw away or sold at garage sales. DANG IT.  Yes, maybe there is something to be said about hoarding, bahahahaha

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