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Does anyone else have trouble keeping the lids on their Distress Inks?  Has anyone found a solution for the problem?  I store my ink pads upside down and the lids inevitably fall off as I lift the pads from the container I keep them in.  If anyone can offer a suggestion, I'm all ears.  Thanks! 

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Ill be listening with ya, cause mine do the same exact thing, lol!
I had an ink pad dry out because I had not noticed that the lid was partially off.  So now I just put rubber bands around the ones with looser lids.  Seems to work OK so far. : )
Are you suppose to store them upside down? I only have three that I keep in a drawer.
Mine fall off too.  I guess they aren't made to seal like other brands.
They say to store upside down, keeps the ink in the pad up to the top of the pad and gives it longer stamping life.   I personally do think it does make a difference, but I have heard others say it the book of basic science, it would make sense though, with gravity and all making a difference, ROFL!  

Riette Gasser said:
Are you suppose to store them upside down? I only have three that I keep in a drawer.

I went and stacked them upside down. Good thing (NOT!) I only have three!

Thanks Tami.  That is a great idea.  Now why did I not think of it? LOL
Thank you SO much, Tami!  Great idea!

From Ranger's website:

How should stamp pads be stored?

A good rule of thumb is to always store all types of ink pads flat. Dye ink pads should be stored flat so that the ink does not run to one side of the pad and cause uneven inking. This is especially important with Big and Juicy™ Rainbow pads so that the rainbow stripes of ink colors do not contaminate each other.

Dye ink pads can be stored right side up (case top up), or some crafters prefer to store dye pads face down (case top down) to keep the most concentration of ink on the top of the pad when inking. If an ink formulation is very wet, such as Distress Inks, it is not necessary to store them face down.

Pigment inks should be stored face up to avoid any potential pigment ink leakage from the foam pad.

My distress inks I store upside down with two lacky bands wrapped around them crossed.

I do have another tip though, which I saw on youtube. I have a labeller and labelled all my pads but when stored upside down it is hard to see the colour I need and labels only do so much. The lady on YT printed out each name of distress ink and cut them into strips wide enough to fit the edge of distress pad. Then she swiped the corresponding colour on each strip, double sided stickyed them and adhered them to the edge of pad. I went one step further and covered the with clear sticky tape so the paper has more protection.

I hope that was understandable but if it wasn't just let me know and I will take a pic to show you.

I use good ole rubber bands on mine.  I took a class called "Creative Chemistry 101" with Tim Holtz.  HE said not to worry about Distress Inks.  Just store flat, right side up.  The "ink" in them is like having a kitchen sponge that is full of water, it will stamp ink just fine, don't need to worry about upside down OR right side up.  HE got a TREMENDOUS amount of forum questions nay-saying, indignant stampers going on and on about this and that company says upside down, etc.  He HAD to put a disclaimer that THIS is the way he stores HIS OWN stamp pads.  Kinda funny, actually.  However, I agree with stacking them and NOT letting them lay haphazardly, cuz ink WILL run out the sides, if they lay on their side.  So, that was from MR DISTRESS INK HIMSELF.  Boy, he was bombarded with indignant stampers, like I said, poor guy.  He also said he only cleans his stamps  with some spritz's of water and wipes with cloth.  The stampers went NUTSO!  The roars and gasps, and listen here....ooohh, it was quite funny, actually.  Apparently EVERYBODY cleans their stamps religiously with stamp cleaners and he should also!!!!  Cool class.  Anyone can still take it.  Its all videos, examples, PDFs, but no forum or picture galleries after the regular class has passed.  BUT, you get a discount and forever access to the class.  I loved it, lots of PDFs about types of ink, what they do, how they react to other types, etc.  I felt very informed when I was done, plus I can go back and check out anything again and again, forever.  I even got the apron.  LOL

Hi, Lynn - look at all the different information you've gleaned just from this question! All I've done is put a piece of plastic packing tape on one side of the lid, over the edge, and a bit under the base. That creates a hinge I can fold back easily. Maybe the manufacturer will address this issue since so many have had to 'invent' a solution for this. Hugs, Rosy

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