Card making, rubber stamping techniques and project videos for papercrafters

I am an experienced card-maker, but still need more direction on embossing.  Please discuss.


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You're welcome.

I use the lid of of shoe box to place my work into and then heat emboss.  This way I never heat my fingers!  :)  I also have a paint brush in with my embossing tools.  It is flat and angled.  I use this to remove any stray embossing powder before heat setting.  

GREAT idea.  Thank you for your tips.

I don't know if I am too late for this party or not but I made a bunch of anti static pads with fabric and cornstarch.  They worked wonderfully.  I used to teach card making to a group of folks with special needs and they were on very tight incomes.  They work fabulously.  Every session the participants went home with some items to be able to do cards at home.  It could get very expensive for me so we learned to DIY.  We just sewed little pouches and filled with corn starch and sewed closed.  I mean by all means you can buy them but you can make them with items you most likely have at home.

GREAT idea.  Thank you.  I will try it!!

Glenda, I am wondering exactly what problem you are having with the embossing. If you would be more specific we could give you more help.

Another thing that might help if it is very humid to take your heat tool and pass it over the card stock a few times to dry it out and then proceed with the embossing buddy which is a pillow with talc powder inside it. It removes any residue and oils from the skin from where you have handled it. I hope you get better results from now on.

Thank you.  I can not wait to try all of of the ideas & tips people have shared.

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