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I would like to purchase an electric cutting system and I can’t decide which one to buy.  Silhouette Cameo, Cricut Explore Air, or the Brother ScanNCut.  I don’t make scrapbook pages but I do make a lot of cards.  I want to be able to scan and cut a stamped image, cut text, shapes and lacy designs.  Perhaps I would want to cut vinyl or fabric in the future, but not certain of this.

Which machine do you love and why do you love it? 

Did you buy a machine that you ended up returning?  What didn’t you like about it?  Or do you have a machine that is sitting on a shelf and you think it was a total waste of money.  

I have watched videos of machine reviews and have to say the reviews are very mixed.  

I thought I’d query my trusted Stamp TV family and get your opinion.  I look forward to hearing about your recommendations. 

Thanks in advance!  Debbie

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I am looking forward to hearing how you like the Scan and Cut - I personally only have a cuttlebug.  I was too nervous for how quickly my addiction would get TOTALLY out of hand with a cutting machine, cartidges, etc.  But I like the idea that as you say, you scan, you cut!  Keep us posted :)

Cindy Horvath said:

Thanks.. I've been watching a bunch of videos, too..  Now if only they'd get around to bothering to ship it....

Today is delivery day on he SNC2.  #excited #imagesalreadystampedandwaiting

I also own a Brother ScanNCut and I L.O.V.E. it. Something not mentioned about it is that you can scan your punched images and die cuts and then resize and cut them out. It's a fantastic, simple machine. If I had to do it again...I would. :b LOL

I have both Cricut (the 12 inch) and a Silhouette (the 12 inch) I started quite a few years ago with Cricut and added the gypsy to it so I really really loved it. Then I was introduced to the Silhouette, which I really really love too. I Love to use my computer to design and then cut out what I have come up with on my own. I still haven't done anything very intricate with silhouette, mostly lettering and t-shirts, with the cricut I have done many intricate designs with many layers of paper. If I had to choose just one in the first place I think I would favour the silhouette, simply because google and your imagination are your only limits, there are 1000s of free fonts you can install and 1000s of free images. there are many functions I have yet to try on the silhouette, like print and cut, to name one.  I have been able to find any shape outline and cut it, it also says you can cut around your stamped images (haven't tried)  Anything you can scan, you can put into a design.  There are lots of videos on youtube about both cutters.  I purchased many cricut cartridges and some I used lots and some not so much, but I have invested lots of money into it. I think the silhouette would have been cheaper because you can incorporate so much from the internet that is free. So that is my two cents worth,,, what ever you get, hope you enjoy it all as much as I have!

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