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I would like to purchase an electric cutting system and I can’t decide which one to buy.  Silhouette Cameo, Cricut Explore Air, or the Brother ScanNCut.  I don’t make scrapbook pages but I do make a lot of cards.  I want to be able to scan and cut a stamped image, cut text, shapes and lacy designs.  Perhaps I would want to cut vinyl or fabric in the future, but not certain of this.

Which machine do you love and why do you love it? 

Did you buy a machine that you ended up returning?  What didn’t you like about it?  Or do you have a machine that is sitting on a shelf and you think it was a total waste of money.  

I have watched videos of machine reviews and have to say the reviews are very mixed.  

I thought I’d query my trusted Stamp TV family and get your opinion.  I look forward to hearing about your recommendations. 

Thanks in advance!  Debbie

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I do not have one but If I were to buy one it would be the Silhouette Cameo. I have seen a whole lot of positive feed back. And I see what they make with the Cameo to put on their cards and projects. Maybe for Christmas if I can stay out of the hospital which I have already been in twice this year. The shortest stay was 8 days just very recently and it left m so week and tired that I cannot even make cards yet. I had severe pneumonia for the second time even though I had a pneumonia vaccine. Money is very tight right now but as I said maybe for Christmas if I can get the medicals bills down. Prior to these two in 2014 I broke my left leg. Doctor put in a melt rod and screws for stability and they metal rod gave me a bad infection on the bone. The doctor had to remove the whole heel of my left foot and take the piece of bone out, He is now rebuilding my heel but it is slow going. It is almost a year. I was an inpatient in rehab for 4 months. But I want to walk again. My only other option was to lose the foot up to my knee. (Nope, I want to walk again) Thanks for reading



My advice on this is like with the Silhouette machine, get the larger one, because alot of their patterns you buy are for that size.  I know you can resize and all that, but I do not like having to did.  lol.  I only have the experience on the portrait, I havent had the other machines to use even to compare.  And mine, gathers alot of dust, lol. 

Silhouette! That's my vote!

I have, and really like, the Sillhouette Cameo.  It's pretty straightforward to use, especially if you have any computer experience using PowerPoint or some basic shape editing software.  That way you can resize shapes and move things around to maximize the number of shapes that you can cut from a single page.  There are also many tutorials available (including some here on StampTV.)  Those are worth watching in order to understand how to set things up, what blade setting will give you the desired results, etc.  GinaK provides some of the cut files for her stamp sets as freebies, and thousands of others are available from the Sillhouette Design store for around 99 cents each.  I haven't used it to cut fabric or vinyl, but that's on my list of things to learn to do.  It makes the most horrendous sounds while cutting, but the end result are some beautiful die cuts!

I have a Scan N Cut - use it mainly for cutting out stamped images. I also print out the pdf files and cut those out. It is simple to use, doesn't require a computer, however their on-line canvas program allows you to upload svg files to cut. Haven"t used it for a lot of intricate cuts, but does a great job on stamped images. Cons are I am a big die cut person and still tend to like the look of a die cut image, vs one cut with the SNC. And it is easier for me. If I had to do over, would probably spend $$ on electronic die cutting machine. It is however, great for a stamped image and you can easily change the border size to what you like. Yesterday, I stamped 30 leaves from the new kit and cut them all out in just a couple of minutes. That's what I like the most! Hope this help and gives you some ideas as the other responders are.

Now a question of mine, any recommndation on an electronic die cutting machine? Hands are getting worse and having a hard time with Big Shot.

I've had my Silhouette for a little over a year and I love it. You can create a die cut from a stamped image very easily by scanning the stamped image and importing it into Silhouette. There are numerous tutorials on You Tube that make it easy to understand. I've also just learned how to make my own stencils using the Silhouette. It does not cut small intricate shapes very well, however instead of cutting the image use the pen and draw the image (it looks like it's been stamped) then make a die cut for it. Amazing! And I only know a small fraction of what the machine can do.

Your vote counts the most!  :)

Gina Krupsky said:

Silhouette! That's my vote!

Thank you!  I received a bunch of gift cards for my birthday and they are burning a hole in my pocket.  I see that Michael's has two.  The one that comes in the bundle appears to be the older model.  I will have to pop into a store and see what they have in stock.  My gut tells me to go with the newer model.  

I really appreciate all the comments.  Thanks again!

I started with the Silhouette Portrait and 3 months later upgraded to the Silhouette Cameo. LOVE IT, only upgraded because I was tired of cutting my 12x12 paper down to use it in the portrait which is 8.5 x 11.

As far as for Dies, I would look at the vagabond.

I have both the Cricut Explore and Silhouette and both are nice but I find you have to be pretty computer savvy to do all the things that the Silhouette can do. I personally didn't like the original Cricut and hardly used it. However the Explore is the easiest cutting machine I've ever used. Plus it cuts much better than my Silhouette. Uploading svg files is so easy with the explore.

I have heard that sizzix is coming out with an electric version of the big shot may want to check into that for your dies.

Silhouette Cameo!  Hands down.  Sizing abilities, and all the extras make it well worth the price, and learning curve!

Had a Cricut.  Prefer the Cameo!!!

Good luck!!!

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