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Love your blog hops and would like to comment on each and every idea, but HATE having to figure out how to comment since each blog seems to take a different approach. Isn't there anyway of allowing us to use our StampTv log in to leave our comments? I don't have a google, Wordpress , AIM , URl identity so often I can't participate. Help - I'd rather spend my time making cards than remembering identities and passwords!

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On the subject of comments, I too have a problem with replying to other people's comments on cards I have made. Is there an easier way to comment? Not all screens on this site have the same "reply" options and you can't sent a message to someone who is not your "friend".


When someone comments on a card, it will say " (So and so) commented on (my names's) card."  Click on that person's (So and so's) name and it should take you to her page where you can leave a comment  thanking her for commenting.          

Unfortunately Stamp TV is a "Ning" website so there is not a way to just tie it in with blog hopping.  You can sign up for a free account using Google's G-mail and then it's much simpler to comment on blog hops.  But there will always be some that aren't tied to any kind of account. 

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