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Unfortunately, I need to clean out my craft room as I need to down size from my current spot to a room with a lot less storage area. 

All of the stamps come from a smoke-free environment and I have stored them all on the GKD binder sheets in either plastic or one of the binder boxes.  Most of the stamps have been used very little.  The categories below are as follows:

  • New (either clear or rubber)  -- still in the original packaging
  • Like New (either clear or rubber) -- taken out of the original packaging but either never or barely used
  • Gently Used (either clear or rubber) -- taken out of the original packaging and used no more than 10-15 times
  • Slight Wear (clear) -- stamps which have been used and showing some signs of wear (either yellowing or stained by red ink)

The prices listed below include postage (US shipping).  If interested in any of the stamp sets please send me a "friend" request so that we can send private messages.

  • New:
    • Fabulous Frames Fillers (Clear) -- $18 {Sale Pending}
    • Fabulous Holiday Fillers (Clear) -- $18 {Sale Pending}
    • Enjoy the Journey (Clear) -- $18 {Sale Pending}
    • Vogue Vases 2 (Clear) -- $18
    • Stately Flowers 4 (Clear) -- $18
    • Lighthearted Wishes (Clear) -- $18
    • Simply Snowflakes (Clear) -- $18
    • School, Sports, Spirit! (Rubber) -- $18
    • Sporty Accessories (Rubber) -- $18
    • A Gift for You Duo (Rubber) --  $6
    • Love You More Duo (Rubber) -- $6
  • Like New:
    • Wishing You Joy (Rubber) -- $25 {Sale Pending}
    • Bring the Bling (Rubber) -- $18
    • All Occasion Tags (Rubber) -- $18 {Sale Pending}
    • Poster Board Sentiments (Clear) -- $18
    • My Cuppa' Joe (Uncut Rubber) -- $18
    • Spring has Sprung (Rubber) -- $18
    • Holiday Greetings (Rubber) -- $15
  • Gently Used:
    • A Year of Flowers -- $15
    • Dogwood and Butterfly (Rubber) -- $15 
    • A Little Something (Clear) -- $12
    • Strength and Hope (Rubber) -- $15
    • Have a Cookie (Rubber) -- $15
  • Slight Wear:
    • Sweet Tweets (Clear) -- $10
    • Hello Sunshine (Clear) -- $18 {Sale Pending}
    • Signs of Spring (Clear) -- $10
    • Simple Numbers (Clear) -- $12
    • Pretty Patterns (Clear) -- $12
    • Perfect Plaids (Clear) -- $12
    • All Occasion Tags 2 (Clear) -- $12 {Sale Pending}

Thank you in advance for considering a purchase.


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I am very interested in the holiday frame fillers and the fabulous frame fillers sets.  I am looking at others too, I just don't know what they look like by the name!



I would also like the wishing you joy set and enjoy the journey set. thanks!

I just sent you a friend request.  Let me know which stamps sets that you want and we can arrange to for payment and shipment.


Jacqueline said:

I would also like the wishing you joy set and enjoy the journey set. thanks!

What do u have left


I have updated the list with the stamp sets that are in the process of being sold.

Let me know if there is one that you like in particular.

Please put me down for Petite Boarders and Signs of Spring!

Hiya Susan!  Just wanted to let you know that we moved this to the Buy/Sell/Trade case you got to looking for it and couldnt find lol.! 

Thanks Cat.  

This was the first time that I actually created a new thread and didn't know that you exactly where to place it.

Was I suppose to send my email address along with a friend request.


I would like to buy

A year of flowers,  stately flowers 4  dogwood and butterflies.

I have sent a friend request but not sure how this works.  Please let me know how to proceed.

Thank you.  Have a great day


Received y stamps today Susan.  They are in beautiful shape and I'm very excited to have them.

Thank you.  Hope work slows down for you.


This is Susan.  A friend of mine took the stamps to try and sell.  If you let me know which ones you are interested in, I can check to see if they are still available, but I won't be able to let you know until sometime next week.

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