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Dose anyone have any stamps set for sale cheap or to donate

Hello Everyone,

I make card cards and donate the different places. Like Hospitals, Nurse homes, kids Hospitals  and cancer center. Where mom goes treatment in Tulsa OK. and etc. And was wondering if anyone have stamps They would like to donate to help me make cards. Or sell they stamps sets to me very cheap? To help make me brighten people faces. Thanks Linda 

Ps: I would be happy take any unwanted cards you have laying around too. Just let me know! I am still looking for stuffed in 2017 Thank Let me know Linda

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I send friend requested when you get it. I will pm email address. If I add it to the requested it disappears. so i am do it this away. I hope your sister gets better soon, And hope to get to know you better. Can you send me a pm email of the stamps or send me? So I can look them up. And see what they look like Thanks Linda

colleen grzeskowiak said:

Linda: if you would send me a friend request with your mailing address,   I will donate stamps and card making supplies to you. I am heading into retirement and need to downsize my crafting collection. (My sister has been in the hospital recently so I know what cheer a card brings!)

I wish I knew sooner I donated 300 rubber stamps to the salvation army. I might have a few more to donate if  you are interested. The reason I was donate the stamps to make more room for husband under hospice care he has only three months to live.

Janetjacobs I sent you requested without message. I am know add friend things. When you add to friend listed, I will pm you my address If  I posted my address in the friend it disappears for what every reason. I will pm you my address when I am add friend listed. Can you please listed the name of stamps you? Too send me so I can look them up! I am sorry about your husband, We will praying for you and family. Thanks Linda

I got the love stamps I love it!! Thanks Linda

Leuri Zibetti said:

Linda, I have an extra LOVE stamp (the Freebie given away with orders over $75) that I would like to donate.  If you don't already have one, where should I send it?

Linda - friend request with your mailing address and I will go through my cardmaking supplies and send you some stuff. 


Hello, are u looking for gina k stamps or other stamping cards okay? I have some Mother's day cards do u want them?

all the above will be greatly appreciated. Or what people have offer. But, I love stamps sets. Thanks  Do you need my mailing address? Linda Littlepage

thanks Linda Littlepage
janetjacobs said:

Hello, are u looking for gina k stamps or other stamping cards okay? I have some Mother's day cards do u want them?

I have some stamps I will give you and some cards too if you can send me a mailing address. I will put what I can in a sm. priority box or envelope. 

Hello Tammy, that would be great but, I need to add you to my friend listed, If you are not already on my friends listed

Hello bump to the top please read first posted,Thanks Linda

Linda - I also make cards to donate to charities and you do not need new stamps to do it. They are grateful for the cards no matter what stamps I use. Just use the stamps that you have and I am sure your charities will love whatever cards you donate to them. Happy stamping

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