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I was just wondering how everybody buys there supplies? Do you plan, when you know that a GKD release is coming up like putting money aside or do you buy as the bug hits. Also now that we have the guide for PL CS and Ink do you get these together and pick a stamp set to go with a special project. I am just curious, I am trying to get some supplies together and sometimes it's a big decision on what to buy first?

I hope I don't offend anyone asking these questions.

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I have had to make a wishlist of all the things from GinaK that I want to get and then try to seperate it into different orders.  I tutor kids and clean houses for my stamp money... sometimes for my food money lol.... and so each time I get enough for one of my orders I will place one.  I will try and make it worth ordering like making sure I get free shipping etc.  Sometimes I'll get a coupon for a local supply store and I'll go there instead... but right now I'm infatuated with GinaKD so for the next several weeks I'm all over getting some of her pretty stuff.  I don't usually buy kits... just stamp sets or new products like pens etc.  


no offense taken!  :) 


Hi Danielle, it's so hard to save sometimes , I havn't got any Gina K goodies for ages and when you see the new stamps coming out you just want them , but there is not enough in the piggy bank. Oh well will try to get some more soon ( I hope ) I was lucky enough to win a couple of challenges and got a couple of sets that way, that was very exciting.
I showed my husband where it says you can buy gift certificates for her online shop and told him to stop buying me stuff like stun-guns and stuff.  Who knows... I might get lucky, my birthday is in August!  Here's hoping!  :)
Good luck with that Danielle, I hope he gets the hint.
GRAB THE GOODIES!!!!!!  Hahaha, I have an addiction for sure, it is all coming to an end very soon. I am not going to go to my local craft shop each week like I do, ( just went today and got my last stamp to get my $25 voucher..bought a sizzix flourish die, am pleased) , The craft show on the 11th is my last big spend!!  I MUST use what I have...must!  My daughter has moved out, and she is getting the rest of her stuff this saturday, so I can move back into MY craft room!! Will spend some time sorting out and having things where I can find them. Sorry if I have gone off chasing a rabbit!!!
I'm on stamptv EVERY day and sit and daydream about what I can make with the stamps. But for now I have to dream. I won a stamp set on the DT's bloghop from 29 Apr but haven't received it yet. I'm holding thumbs so hard (being in South Africa you never know...)

We are also a one income family and I'm already in trouble for the consumables I've bought locally :-). I also don't have a craft space. My old decoupage stuff is stored under a bed. My beading gathering dust in a plastic container. My wools and yarn also under a bed. My paper craft in a big red box on the dining room floor. So that's what's holding me back from getting them ALL!!
What facebook special Christine? I watch facebook everyday as well as Stamptv site and I didn't notice any special. What did I miss?

Christine Winslow said:
I TRY to budget but am bad at impulse buying. The GK CS is the best and I love that she offers it in the assortment packs. I also take advantage when she has her specials, although I missed out on the facebook special she had going :(
This definetly is a great site for learning and friendships.

I grab the goodies and run.  I must say that I find it is probably not the best thing because I end up with several similiar stamps when I could have just as well used one that I had.  However, paper is my ultimate nemesis.  I have paper, paper, paper and more paper.  Every variety that you can think of.  I have to honestly say that I have never found a better card stock than what Gina K design offers.

Wow, this is an interesting topic.  I'm glad to hear most people have a budget to work on.  I used to buy whatever I want to when I was working full-time. Now that I'm taking time off work, I tend to try watch what I spend. It's hard to do so because at a Release you really like everything you see most of the time.  I am afraid to admit I own a number of stamps which I've not even inked yet - I know, it's terrible!

And, I'm so glad that Gina is offering one price on overseas shipping right now cos before I really have to think hard before I place an order.  Sometimes I wish I live in the US because everything is more affordable than where I am.  Only one item is much cheaper - Copic Markers!!  Can you believe that? ;)

Tammy, when I color with the Prismacolor pencils I blend them with Gamsol. It is really cool how they can change so much and look so much better. Gamsol is a odorless mineral spirit. I use some paper stumps to do the blending. I have several and one for each color family, so that I don't get mixed colors. Hope that will help you. If you can't find Gamsol, try your local paint or hardware store and they may just have the odorless mineral spirits.
I have to budget in my purchase from all the places where I get my supplies. But almost 90% of my purchases are done online as I have no craft or stamp stores near me. Only a small department for scrapping in our local drug store. So local shopping is quite limited.

I try to budget, but it's not always easy to resist a temptation. Money is the limiting factor, each month something else always seems to have priority - car battery, new microwave etc. Not to mention the fact that shipping charges from the US to Europe have become very high in the past few years - they take up an important part of the budget, alas!

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