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Do Copic Pens need to be stored on their side or can they stand upright.

I have been collecting Copic Pens for a while now.  I love them and use them all the time.  However my problem is storing them.  I was once told that they should not be stored upright, but rather horizontal.  Is this correct.  So in view of that bit of information I have them scattered  horizontally in a drawer.  But its driving me crazy as I can never find the colour that I am looking for. 

On searching the net and copic sites, some are stored upright, some horizontally etc. Can anyone give me the correct information and some storage ideas.  I would be so grateful.

Many thanks

Thalia Krawitz

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Hi Connie,
Many thanks for your email.  My husband was "very flattered" that you liked the Copic Pen Box that he had made for me.   Connie we live in Western Australia and to be 100% honest the shipping costs would be prohibitive as its rather heavy.  So I think you will have to rethink your Copic Pen solution.  I would have loved to have been able to help you out.  Take care   Thalia Krawitz.

I just took a copic certification class last month.  We were specifically told that the markers may be stored either horizontally or vertically.  It's in the new 2014 manual I received, and was addressed by the Copic instructor.  The manual states, "Copic markers can be stored either horizontally or vertically.  If an Original Copic marker has not been used for a while, the fine nib may appear lighter than the chisel nib.  This is normal and color will return to normal use."  (not sure if "to normal" was a typo in the book!)  (p. 17)  The only exception to this would be with atyou Spica Pens (or Spica Glitter Pens as they are commonly called).  These "work best when stored flat.  This allows the glass flakes to distribute evenly throughout the whole length of  the pen.  If a pen does not seem glittery, it may have been dropped or stored incorrectly.  Simply place the product point-down for a few hours to move the flakes to the point.  Then return to the horizontal position for storage and future use." (p. 29)

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