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Welcome to a fun Gina K. Designs Design Team hop. Today we are sharing cards we made with stamp sets from this month's release. We will also like to extend an invitation to join us for the party!


To kick things off, here are some sneak peeks of what you will see on today's hop!

Hope to see you at the party, here are all the details:


Ready to start the hop? Here's the list of all those participating:

Happy hopping!

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This sounds like so much fun I am a new member and can not wait until it begins. thanks so much for the envite.

Not sure what i need to do or if i just wait here. If anyone has any information that may help it would be greatly appreciated. thank you so much Penny

I'm not understanding how this works.  How do you hop? :)

Patti J. said:

I've hopped, and I am so looking forward to tonight's release party!  Hope DH will cooperate!!!  Beautiful creations, ladies, as always, and can't wait to see the new sets!

I'm going hopping now, not sure how to get to the party. 

Don't feel bad ladies, it took me a few months to get things sorted out here - and I'm STILL learning.

Just come here to the main page at 7 pm central time (can't help you there - you can google it though 'what time is it in central time? and it will tell you).

You will see a list of names in a column. When you click at the first name, you will be bounced to her blog site. This is called a hop. Scroll down her page and see all the cards or boxes or tags, etc., she has made for this first day (could be a 3 day hop, do this every day). 

You will oooh and ahhhh at her beautiful creations from today's stamp release. (You will also see her creations from prior to the blog hop, but for now, we are leaving one comment based on the card created today. 

Leaving a comment at each blog can be challenging because the comment box is not always in the same place. That was really tricky for me to figure out. Some blogs you comment at the bottom of her page (scroll down to where the big box is to leave your name, email addy and comment on her work). Or, sometimes, if you look just under the cards created on her page, you will see in 'pale ink colors'  -  Comments left 32 (or some other number). Well, if you click on "Comments" a box will open and you can leave your name, email addy and comment in there. 

Each blog page will have the identical list of ladies who are participating in that day's blog hop. So go back up to that list. Make sure you have left your comment first. Click the next name on the list of blogs, and you will be bounced to the next blog. Do the same thing.

Continue hopping from blog to blog, in order so you don't leave anyone out. When you get to the end, you will have completed your first blog hop - congratulations!

It took me the hard way to learn all about this because that's typically how I learn things - the hard way.

Each time you leave your name and comment, increases your chances of winning prizes (stamps). But you should only leave one comment per blogger (not ten times on one page).

Keep track on the main page of Gina's website and they will list Winners all the time for the random drawing from names and comments left at blogger pages. By looking at all the incredible work to make the cards, it will blow your mind, teach you much, and encourage you to hope and wish for buying sets of stamps, or even WINNING stamps!!!

Make sure you watch any videos Gina puts out showing you all the stamp sets, her creations, etc. There's a lot of information, stuff to do, but you will learn the more you check the site out and participate.

Best wishes,

Rosy (still a newbie, always learning)

Loved many gorgeous peeks!

Oh, these stamps sets are going to be the end of my bank account, possibly my marriage.... BUT SO WORTH IT!

There are times when a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!!!  I've just started out in this craft and realize it's gonna take lots of money and time!!!  But the outcome is so worth it.  Have fun...Happy New Year!!!

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