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I have a question about the cuttlebug.  I have been using mine a lot.  I just did some embossing folders the other day.  Now I am trying to cut some nestabilities and the plates won't roll through the machine.  It's like the handle isn't moving the top roller anymore.  Is this common?  Do I need to replace it, or is there someway to fix that?  Yes I am using the correct plates.  A, B and C for cutting.  It won't even roll the embossing folders through anymore.  I am so disappointed, I just love my cuttlebug.  Thank you so much.  By the way, I love Stamp TV and all of the products. 

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Hi Sue! I personally haven't ever had a problem with the bug....but if its turning and just won't move it through it sounds like something broke on there to me. And i f that was the case, I'd see about returning, contact provocraft maybe sorry I'm not much help!

Sue, you've probably already done so, but check to make sure nothing is jammed in the roller.  I had a similar problem once and found a paperclip sitting there.  No doubt the grandkids were using it.  They don't take the same care we do. 

Just a thought...

Thank you all for replying, my son took it apart last night and the small gear on the top roller had come off.  My cuttlebug rattled when I moved it.  I think someone must have knocked it off the coffee table where I was embossing some things.  My son has a friend with a four year old who was over, so it could have easily happened.  From now on, when I am done, it goes back into my paper crafting room.  It works fine now.  Of course, I was very happy!!  Thanks again.

I was going to say that is the perfect excuse to buy the Cuttlebug 2, lol!

Great to hear, Sue!

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