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Gina mentioned this new  Scor Pal Stay put craft mat that she is now using when she does her videos and I was hoping to find out where I can purchase this mat.

Thanks, Judy

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I'm sure I heard Gina say it would be available in the shop so I looked in the Scor-Pal products but did not see it. They must be out of stock.  If you can't wait you can always order online somewhere else.  I would try to wait until you are making an order at GKD because it will go a long way to getting free shipping!  Why don't you e-mail or call & ask when they will have it back in stock?

Excellent idea Pam! I was going to suggest the very same thing! Gina's release is July 11th, I believe, so if you can hang on until then, and it's back in stock, then go for it! 

Thanks so much Pam  and Cynthia for replying to my request. I did try looking up the mat on Gina's site but didn't see it out of stock.  I can wait until after the next release July 11th.   Thanks again,   Judy

they are available at

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