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Were there ever cut files for the "Country Roads" stamps. If so, is there any way to get my hands on them?

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Not that I can remember!  And not sure if any of the other DT made anay for it either that they could share...Ill ask around for ya!  :D

Thanks, I just started collected Gina K stamp sets a year ago and have purchased some of the old ones.

I found a reference to one on Melanie's BLOG.

I saw this card and was going to try it.

Goodness!  shows how bad my memory is!  I did check the Freebies page up above to see if there too, and it was not. (LOTS of goodies there too though!)  Ill get ahold of Theresa and see if she still has them or if you can get from the store or what is going on!  :D 

I believe when Gina first introduced and was using the Silhouette Cameo, there were normally cut files to purchase  to coordinate with the stamp sets and some on the freebies page too, but the ones in the store disappeared along with the Silhouette.  I believe somewhere Gina made a statement with  the reason for not carrying Silhouette anymore.

Not to worry. I can probably put something together with the pixscan mat. Just thought I would ask.

Success!!  Theresa still had a copy of it.  I had searched my computer but cant find so glad she still had it!  Here it is attached file:

Your a saint. How sweet of you to track it down for me.

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