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As I now have about 50 sketch and Caio Copic markers, I need an organized way to store. How do people store their Copics? Would also love to see pictures. TIA.

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I would also like to have the website Sherri, these look awesome, I am looking for this kind of storage system.  Thanks for your help.  You can e-mail me direct if you want, Thanks again. 

Faulba B. Dorsett said:
I would really like to have the website from which you got your wonderful storage units.  I have run out of room for reinkers and stamp pads from Stampin' Up.  I have started a Copic collection and am fast outgrowing my see through drawer.

Sharri said:
I actually out grew my copic storage...this is what I have now and with room to grow so when they come out with more copic colors I do not need to find another way to store them. I found them on-line along with my ink pad storage which also works really well for reinkers and sticklers

Great thread, I get my storage from Creations by Rod,,but I think he only supplies to the UK, but you could e-mail him and see if he does post to the US, I have his stickle storage as well!
This is such a great storage idea Theresa! Did your husband happen to make a pattern for this, or has he ever thought of making some up and selling them? I am looking for something like this for my slowly growing Copic collection. I think I could make one if I had a pattern. ;)

Theresa said:
Hi Joni. This is what I have. My husband made it for me.

He made a slide in cover and put a handle on top so I can take it with me when I go visit my sister to stamp.

This is how I store my Copics, I made it out of 'foam board'.  Cheap, light weight and serves the purpose.  This is my first attempt and I did not quite get all the measurements right but for now it will do until I decide to buy more foam board and try again.  I used a glue gun to hold it together.
I absolutely love these! I did contact him and he will ship to the US. However, the shipping is OUTRAGEOUS!!! It would end up costing nearly $100 US dollars for 1 pen storage unit including the shipping... The price of the unit isn't bad for custom handcrafted wood, it's the shipping that kills it.

Alex Turner said:
Great thread, I get my storage from Creations by Rod,,but I think he only supplies to the UK, but you could e-mail him and see if he does post to the US, I have his stickle storage as well!

I got a old wooded casset display at the flea market he had loads of them under the table. I asked him if he would sell them he said yes and what would I give for one . I told him $4.00. Sold. Brought it home painted it black and now it hold ink pads , ribbon rolls., I just bought a set of 72 copic markes and they came in a plastic storrage case. Thank god Cause I have a drawer full of memmory markers.


I personally know of several people who have made these themselves.


Look quite simple and portable. Holds all 300+ markers.


Brenda said:

Joni this is what I have.

This is four units that connect together in the fourth one I store my memento markers and small scraps of white card stock to test colors.
I bought mine at here is a link.

I hope this helps.
Sharri, OMG and WOW what a wonderful storage system you have.  Can I come over and play?  I have about 250 copic markers and made the mistake of buying 4 of the 72 metal storage containers copic sells.  I love seeing your set up and I am jealous.  Bonnie Carpenter, Hampstead, NC
Copic sells plastic cases that hold 36 pens.  Seems like I always need a Copic marker I don't have!  So my supply is growing....I now have 3 of their cases!
I needed a compact and easy to move. Plus I didn't want to wait for my husband to make one! I used this CD case. It has envelopes that hang like a file folder. This size fits about 150 markers. There are smaller ones

Please Sharri tell us the website!  I love these for storage solutions!  

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