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As I now have about 50 sketch and Caio Copic markers, I need an organized way to store. How do people store their Copics? Would also love to see pictures. TIA.

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Wow Sharon! That looks great. I'll really have to order them now!
do copic markers have to be stored on their side or are they OK just standing up?

Lee Murphy said:

Here's my new Copic Storage...........found these on price and shipping and it matches my white shelving!!! :)
They certainly don't have to be stored sideways like other markers, however, I like them facing this way so I can read the numbers more easily when sitting down at my craftdesk.

Hope this helps!
Wow! That's a lot of markers and pens. I guess you must truly be an artist!

Sharri said:
It turns out the hightlighter display stand in not big enough for me to use for my copics so they will stay in the basket for now. I did use the display stand for all of my other markers, glitter pens etc... Here is pics.

Excellent idea! I just might copy this if my husband doesn't want to make me a storage crate.

Maureen Kuppe said:
Here is my Copic storage... I bought four wooden drawers from the doll section at Michael's. I removed the drawers (and use them elsewhere of course), made dividers from chipboard, painted everything black and then glued the dividers into place. They are perfect to hold 80 Sketch markers each. So far I have used 3 of the 4, stacked on top of one another, as I have 213 markers so far. But if I ever get all 300+ Sketches, I have enough room for them ;)

I store my Copics in a wire basket which came on a rolling cart. My dad and our foreman cut styrofoam to stairstep the cases. I really like being able to use the handles on the side to carry them with me... to home or to my studio. AND.. I can see all the markers easily. I keep mine in number/color order according to the color chart put out by Copic. I have a 5X7 sheet with this chart on it and the colors added so I can see how they look on paper before using them. I have ALL the Sketch markers and half of the Ciao. I don't keep the Ciao in this cart... I keep them in one of those plastic/clear paint cans along with my gel pens, etc.

Wow these are all wonderful ideas for storage. Right now I'm looking for something a little more portable. I go to Scrapbook/stamping get together's at least twice a month.

I am using currently a plastic box with a hinged lid.
Hi Joni,
I store my Copic markers and other pens by color in empty Crystal Light containers. The Copic sketch markers fit inside nicely with the lid on. They're portable in the containers and easy to use. Plus, the price is right and I'm reusing!
I prefer the flattened long containers vs the old round long containers. Hope this helps. Sorry I don't have a picture to share with you.
I use a pampered chef turning utensil holder. I group my colors together and I can just spin it around on my desk to find the color I am looking for.
wow 50 that is awesome, I have 3
Close to My Heart has a wonderful marker holder- plastic- ciao markers fit beautifully- LOVE IT
I would really like to have the website from which you got your wonderful storage units.  I have run out of room for reinkers and stamp pads from Stampin' Up.  I have started a Copic collection and am fast outgrowing my see through drawer.

Sharri said:
I actually out grew my copic storage...this is what I have now and with room to grow so when they come out with more copic colors I do not need to find another way to store them. I found them on-line along with my ink pad storage which also works really well for reinkers and sticklers

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