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Copic markers are all the rage and I know a lot of you have questions about which papers and inks to use. A lot of you have great answers too! So please, share your Q & A about papers, cardstocks and inks for Copic coloring.

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For a really strikingly crisp look try using high gloss photo paper with Memento ink and color with your Copics. You will actually have to almost peel your stamp off the glossy photo paper, but your colored item will turn out almost like a photo.

I recently purchased a dry blender copic sketch. I didn't know it was dry until I used it. It's not supposed to be dry at the time of purchase, is it?  Seems odd that I would have to purchase the refill right away.  Thanks!

I have looked at Suzanne's & Ilikemarkers website and any other video I can about copics, and there are wonderful books from Annie's Attic out in all the stores.  I have been trying out some new papers and found that there are a few hitches to all papers.  If I want to make a card base and an image I use the 120#, if I want to make a focal point colored in I use X-Press Blend-it paper (just got more today).  I always use Memento, as staz-on won't work, versafine is a bit oily, and Brilliance is pigment and I don't feel like heat setting!  I have tried cryogen 80# and although it is glittery it doesn't blend as well as the X-Press It.  I know that there are so many more techniques I don't know yet, but I work at Michael's and our brands of paper are not smooth enough.  The best thing about copics is they are versatile, so if it is what works for you, and you have money for refills or re-inking your copics then use those.  Gina's 120# is great, and does NOT bleed through at all!  Looks great!

Hi, Cheri --

Was it actually a 0-Colorless Blender or maybe just an empty sketch marker (you can custom mix your own color into this empty marker).  If indeed it was a Colorless Blender, where was it purchased?  If it was purchased from a local store with an open display, perhaps the cap had been left off for a period of time and it dried out.  No, in general, you shouldn't have to refill a marker when you purchase it -- I usually don't have to refill new markers for about 6 months, even with heavy use.  

Except for the rare occasional glitch, the markers are shipped filled and juicy from the distributor's warehouse to retailers. If I were you and still had the receipt, I would return it to the store and if you are able, test a replacement marker before exchanging.  If it happens to be a store that offers a refill service, I would explain the situation and ask if they would refill it free of charge.

Hope that helps!

Sharon Harnist

Copic Marker Design Team Member

Cheri Duran said:

I recently purchased a dry blender copic sketch. I didn't know it was dry until I used it. It's not supposed to be dry at the time of purchase, is it?  Seems odd that I would have to purchase the refill right away.  Thanks!

ok  has anyone seen the new anniversary markers that have the fine point at one end and the brush at the other.   Are copic coming out with that as an option for a pen,  I hope.  bad days the fine point means that I don't generally colour where it is not supposed to be, other days the brush is ok. 

hope someone in the know can help because they would be the absolute ideal marker for those of us who require both nibs.  

Yeah.  would that not be super. ???

I've often wondered if there was a set with a fine pt at one end & a brush at the other. That would be AWESOME & just perfect for my needs. I have a hard time staying within the lines. Neuropathy makes it difficult to get a comfortable grasp on the marker. The brush helps with filling in, but I hold my breath when marking those narrow places!

The Copic chart helps tremendously when looking at all the markers at once.. I get out my paper with colored squares & get into a conversation with myself about which marker should be purchased next. Back & forth, set or single, blues, greens, or browns? Which group do I use the most, what am I missing, what do I look at first? Believe me, there's quite a discussion going on inside my little brain that overflows with excitement & thrill of Copic!

I really like the Neenah Super Smooth White Cardstock for coloring with Copics, ShinHan Art Markers and my trusty BIC Markers.  It's not a super heavy card stock, but allows for alot of blending without pearling up or soaking through.  It does show on the back so one layer Copic cards are not an option.  I get mine from for less than $4.00 for 25  8 1/2 x 11 sheets.  

Hi, Gina,

I know you posted (fairly recently) as to which copic marker(s) match your new inks.  But now that I want to refer back to it, I can't find that information.  Can you/will you put a reference chart somewhere that we can get to that gives the recipes?  Especially as you add new inks...



I sure will! I am working on a chart that you can stamp and color as well. In the meantime, here are our first 8 color matches:


You're Wonderful!  Thanks for all your help!

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