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I love the look of the bleached butterflies.  How long does it take for the smell of the bleach to leave the paper?  Or does it?


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HI Patricia!  I didn't notice the bleach smell for long at all after I did the technique and the card dried. 

Hi, Patricia. I also didn't notice the smell even when I fussy cut them after they dried. I did two of the butterfly's and neither image smells. Have fun with the technique, I love it.

Did not notice any bleach smell the next day and my friend and I experimented with many colors and did a lot of butterflies.

Wow, you have a sensitive sense of smell.  I always give them a heat gun shot after finishing...and I didn't notice any smell on the card.  The cup of bleach, well, that smells, but not my card. 

Perhaps use your heat gun on the card's underneath side just to be sure. 

Plus, remember that product called: Fabreze?  Maybe mist it into the air, and flip your card through the mist?  Nurses use that on their scrubs if they smoke, and it works perfectly to rid them of the offensive smell of cigarette smoke, so, I am thinking why wouldn't it work for this?

WARNING, that bleach should NEVER be mixed with any other cleaning product, or the fumes will hurt your lungs, and you may need to call the paramedics, it is THAT dangerous.  So, I would ONLY use the Fabreze on a dried card, not one wet with recently used bleach.  Make sure to heed this warning.  I don't want anyone to get hurt, or their precious lungs to get hurt. 

Also, never ever use bleach in a misting bottle.  IT will irreversibly damage your eyes, to the point of blindness. Also, if you think about "flicking the bleach with a paintbrush" then get some goggles on. That one little step can save eyesight, so use it.  So, everyone be really really careful with bleach!!!  Please!

In fact, when using bleach full out, your room should be ventilated.  Smelling bleach can harm your precious nose and throat, and lung mucus membranes, that moist silky lining that is important, and one of our body's defenses.  IF coughing should start, leave the room and go outside.  It may not be well ventilated. 

There are responsible ways to work with bleach.  Be mindful of kids who may be making cards along side you, they can't take as much as adults, so they could be hurt long before YOU notice any signs.  Be careful, but, have fun!!!

Hope that helps.

I've done this technique one time and was afraid it would smell, a lot, but it didn't.  I just sat at the kitchen next to the laundry room and got a little bleach in a cup and worked on my card top with my daughter.  Then put the rest of that bleach down the drain, to clean it of course, and went about my business.  It didn't linger on my paper.  I loved the results, so will have to do this again.

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