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Anyone have some clever & crafty storage ideas for the cards you have made just waiting for the right time to send?  Come on ladies I know you do!  Right now mine are just sitting in a clear plastic shoebox, not very appealing.  Pictures would be great too.....thanks!

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I use the Photo Boxes....lots of fun and cute designed ones these days!  I plan to separate them by theme.....but for now they're just all in them to keep them relatively dust-free and safe!  My overflow are in plastic shoe boxes until I buy some more Photo Boxes. 

When I travel or have a long day away from home I keep a clam-shell type box with some cards, envelopes, pen, and addresses so I can write out cards.

I use photo boxes as well.  They are just perfect for protecting them from dust.. and a 3 year old, lol!
I have 2 of the zippered notebooks with plastic pages that each hold 2 cards or 4 using the front and back of the pages.
I make mostly A2 size cards and I store them in the clear shoe boxes that are .99, from Home Depot.  I use a labeler and seperate into theme.  They stack and store nicely plus with doing the A2, the lid fits back on.
Great discussion and tips.  Thanks for bringing this up, Donna.  Right now most of my extra cards are in a drawer in one of my rolling plastic storage units.
Great ideas Ladies......thanks so much!  I'll let you know what I decide upon.
I also have mine in plastic shoe boxes. I buy the large ones with lids and so far it works fine. I am beginning to accumulate a lot of boxes though and will eventually need to do something different I'm afraid.

Donna said:
Great ideas Ladies......thanks so much!  I'll let you know what I decide upon.
I have my cards, separated by theme, in pretty baskets that I set on the shelves of a glass front cabinet.  It protects them from dust and they look pretty all at the same time. 
Lynn, you and I are the ones with the basket idea!  I have a large long basket, that I made dividers for my cards to separate by themes.  It sits on a shelf in my craft room.  It has worked for years.  I also have a card organizer, so I pull my cards out of the basket into my card organizer a month or two ahead of time, so I always know I have the right card for the right person or occasion.
There is a tutorial on Splitcoast for making boxes by dismanteling square tissue boxes, taking off the tops and putting them back together again that fit our A2 cards perfectly.  After they are covered with dp and decorations like die cuts and flowers or butterflies, etc, they are very pretty on a shelf and will store 10 or 12 cards, depending on how thick the cards are. There are also other tutorials for hand made boxes with lids for storage or gift giving.  Good luck.
Hate to say it but my cards are still in the 99 cent plastic shoebox, uncovered, collecting dust.  Great ideas everyone--now I really must do something!  Perhaps a trip to the dollar store!

I also use the plastic shoebox but i first put each card in crystal clear resealable polypropylene bag from bags unlimited.  This protects the cards and when you send the card just remove from the cover bag and you can reuse it.


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