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I am interested to know what everyone thinks about whether to clean their stamps with a cleaning solution and scrubby or just stamp it clean? I've read articles that support both sides, and I've tried both ways but I kind of lean to using the scrubby. Or is there another cleaning answer? I've invested a lot of money in my stamps and want to protect them. So, I'm wondering what everyone else does? Thanks!

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Hi Georgene.  Well let's see....I've had many of my stamps for about 4 years when I first started stamping and I've done both types of cleaning with no issues to any of my stamps.  However I have to say....I rarely actually clean my stamps anymore.  I usually  use Black Memento because I color my images so I just leave them and they have suffered no damage from doing that either.  I think stamps are pretty tough!! LOL

Personally, I use baby wipes to clean my stamps. If I use Stazon I use the cleaning solution, other than that baby wipes work fine for me.

I use baby wipes. If you buy the package, cut them in half and then place in a close container to keep them moist. The clean and seem to keep like new. Sometimes I use the double cleaning pad that is available here. but mostly use baby wipes. Especially on the clear stamps. Just me I guess, but I always want them clean. and not take the chance of the colors mixing. OH! Make sure they are dry before putting away.


I use the stamp cleaning solution that Michaels sells and some paper towels to clean my stamps and have had no problems doing so.

Hugs, Valerie

I have used wet wipes for years, and have had no problems with them.  I cut a small section off at a time to make them last longer, and they clean the stamps really well, and last a long time.  I am with everyone else, I want to take good care of my stamps, and they seem to do a good job!


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