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Hello All,

I am thinking about making sets of occasion cards to be used for 2015 as Christmas presents for family and friends.  Have any of you done this?  Were they well received?  Any tips on making them? 

Thank you for any advice you'd like to give!


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Thanks Patti!  I'd love to see what you make.  Everyone here brings such creativity and new ideas, it's inspiring!

Patti Visaggio said:

Good luck, Andrea...I'm actually planning to do the same. I'm thinking about creating a package of 10-each handmade notecards presented in GKD's clear boxes - although Debbie's idea to use JoAnn's decorative boxes is a great one - and giving them to co-workers, my son's girlfriend, and a few others. I just started cardmaking this year and am amazed at how much everyone loves a handmade card! So I can only imagine that a set of notecards will be very well received, just as everybody here has experienced. I'm sure your cards will be beautiful!

What a great idea to put them in a decorative box!  I love using the clear boxes for sets of cards, but the decorative box would be reusable and a gift in itself!  Love it!!!

Debbie Saunders said:


 I gave my mom several cards for Mother's Day (2 birthday, 2 get well, 2 thank you, 2 sympathy) in one of the decorative boxes from JoAnn's.  The box looked like a book and the A2 cards fit perfect.  She loved them.  So much that she had me make 2 more sets for her friends birthday.  I was quite taken aback by the response.  It is a great gift.

My niece is having a baby soon and part of her gift from me is a box set of 25 thank you cards. I made them all the same so I could make them in an assembly line. I also make box sets of Christmas cards, usually 10 cards. Last year they were all the same but this year I plan to make 2 of each design for a total of 10 cards. Some I give away, some I sell for $30 a set. At first it seemed that was a lot of money to charge, I would be hard pressed to spend $30 for 10 Christmas cards, but my husband pointed out it's $3 for a beautiful, unique hand made card. If someone wanted just 1 or 2, I would sell them like that. Don't know if this helps but I thought I'd comment anyway.

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