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Can anyone tell me about the card sizes I often see  what I think is a card size it will say A4

or something similar. Is there a chart to see the different sizes and how to achieve them. Thank you for any help on this matter.

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Hi, Claudia. I think the card size stampers use most often is A2 which is 4.25 by 5.5 inches. If you cut a sheet of 8.5 by 11 inch cardstock in half, it creates two perfectly sized pieces which you can score into two card bases. That is the size I make most of my cards with.


Maybe someone will have a chart for some of the other standard sizes. :)

Here's a handy PDF that's a web link for envelope and card sizes:
Thanks Lee - I've never seen this before and always have to go searching on the Internet to find sizes.  This is a great resource.
Thank you Lee, this helps when purchasing envelopes
Thank you very much for the info on card sizes you gals are the best. Its really nice to have friends who have the same interests thanks again
Wow Lee I just went to the web link that you suggested and that is so great thanks
Wow Lee, awesome resource! Thanks for sharing the link.

Thanks Lee for the good information. This will help me alot.


Great question Claudia. Thanks for the source Lee.

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