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Hi All,

 I was hoping that you wonderful people could help send my daughter some well wishes.  My daughter Krystin(Kat) is going to have a brain tumor removed on April 1st in Colorado. She is 30 years old with 4 kids. She has a great husband. But as you could imagine this is a scary time for all. I will be going for about 2 weeks to stay with her. I will be taking the lap top and can update. She loves to craft also. I have already asked and she said it was ok to put her address up here. Any uplifting cards would make her day.

   Krystin Wolfe

   2999 D1/4 Rd

  Grand Junction, CO 81504

Thanks in advance since I have witnessed all the caring and love for the craft and each other amonst this StampTV community.  Robin

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Update, Krystin got thru 10 hrs of surgery like a champ. She got out of the hosp yesterday. Everything looks good. Our prayers have been answered. She will have to take it easy for awhile but she is doing amazing. Thank you all for the cards and prayers. Thanks again Robin  

Awesome Robin!!  I sent a card and have said a few prayers.  Amazing what medical science can do these days. What a relief for you.   Thanks for giving us the update!

Wonderful Robin!! That's such great news. We will continue to pray for all of the family as you go through her recovery. Give her our best! So happy for her and know you are relieved as well.

Great news!!!! Glad to hear she is doing well!!! Hope her recovery goes quickly an smoothly!

What wonderful news! 

Great news!  Happy to hear this!

I am happy to hear that and now let the healing begin. Keep the faith! Blessings to her and all of her family.

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