Card making, rubber stamping techniques and project videos for papercrafters

Hi-I'm new to the StampTV forum.  Where do I get the instructions for the cards on the video's?  Measurements, etc.

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Whoever is doing the video usually says what the measurements are.

When i purchase the stamp tv kits and then go on and type the name in I get a bunch of cards that pop up that I would like to copy. Where do I find the sizes of the papers used for these cards? This is why I buy the kits! Is there something I am missing or do I have to guess?

Thank you


Scroll down just a little, and under the video and the photo of the card project, there is a area where the measurements are located along with supplies!  :)  <3   Welcome to STV  We are so glad you have joined us!  :)

Janet - Click on the video link above and look at the pictures until you see the one you want. There is a video there from GinaK and one from Karen Hightower. They both have the measurements and the supplies that you will need to make the card. So far thats all that has been posted but stay tuned there will be more.

I think what you are seeing are the photos that are uploaded and are streaming every few seconds.  The supplies and measurements for cards are shown only for the videos that have been uploaded on Stamp TV.  I find when I first click on the "GO TO STAMP TV" tab from the main page, I am taken to the recent video uploaded.  This is also where I find the streaming photos that have been uploaded, as well as recently active discussion forums.  On this page, I then to go back to the top and "click" on VIDEOS and I am taken to "All Videos" that have been uploaded on Stamp TV.  These videos (at least on my PC) are sorted in descending order by date (with the most recent uploaded video first and older ones following in chronological order).  At last look there are 788 videos available.  This is where you will find the supplies used and measurements.  Stamp TV is an excellent resource for learning many different techniques.

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