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Dear Stamping Community:

Want to first thank Lisa & Joyce for their input to me how to make a cut file for one of my favorite stamps.  The point of Joyce's tutorial on You Tube was that you don't need a Pix Scan mat.  She was absolutely right.  It cut perfectly and was to the point.


So here is my question?  Does anyone know if you can convert a rubber stamp into a clear stamp.  I am not quite stamping the design on the cut file.  I have even tried to lay the cut file on the stamp.  It is hit or miss and I have gone through 15 cut outs.  I get 4 cut outs to a sheet of Gina K. paper. The shape is in the center with a lot of space around it.


Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.





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Are you saying that your stamped images are not coming out exactly where you want them?  If so, the Stamp A Ma Jig works wonders, and is relatively cheap.

You can redo your stamps to make them clear mount by just changing out the foam on them, but I don't know how well that will work, unless you can get it trimmed really close...

I agree with Cindy, The Stamp A Ma Jig (or other stamp positioner) is the way to go! You might need to stick your cut file to your work surface temporarily to use it.  . 

if youre asking to make a regular red stamp into a clear one yes you can by stamping the image with the darkest black you can find or simply defining it with a back pen and then by either getting the Teresa Collins stamp making machine(if your a techincal person) there are tutorials on youtube oor google flonz stampmaker he can do an image for you 

p.s. im sorry stamp the image on white paper to get a clean image that will be like a camera ready copy and send it off to a stampmaker Flonz is a good one

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