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We are happy to provide a spot here at Stamp TV for you all to buy or sell or trade your Gina K. Designs only products.  Gina K. Designs and Stamp TV and its reprentatives will not hold any liability or responsibility for any of these actions/agreements made between members.  Please do not post personal information such as address, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, paypal or credit information or anything similar.  This is just a spot for you to find other members who are interested in buying, selling or trading Gina K Designs items.  If you agree to the transaction then please conduct the rest of the communications through the private message system here.  You will need to make sure you add each other as friends in order to send and receive personal messages.  We know this can be a fun and productive forum as long as everyone follows the proper procedure and stays respectful always!  The Moderators are always available to help out but may not be used to actually facilitate transactions or be expected to solve every problem. that the details had to get's how to use this spot most effectively....


1.  You may start a new thread if you have a different item that you would like to sell/buy/trade.  If you are responding to an item someone has already posted please keep all the chatting in that particular thread. 

2.  All threads will be deleted either after the transaction is complete or after 1 month of inactivity so we can keep this forum fresh.

3.  If you have questions with the actual forum or rules or need clarification on what to post, can just ask in this thread here and the Moderators will keep on top of questions, etc.

4.  Enjoy!!

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I don't answer to question but before you on ebay send a list with prices thanks Linda I send re request to That you  can pm your listed please

Diana Scott said:

Can I post on here that I am selling Gina K on EBay? Thanks! All but one set is Gina K. Just cleaning house so I have room for the new item! Haha!

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