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Hi All... I have been stamping for 20+ years and have collected and purged and collected and purged (lather rinse repeat!).

I have the full set of the Tombow Brush Markers... are the Zig Clean Color Real Brush watercolour pens a better investment? Can you use them as markers and watercolours? I'd love to hear from those who have used both.

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I would say if you have a full set of Tombows, you don't need to invest in the Zigs. You can achieve really great watercolor effects using Tombows for sure. You would just be using them a bit differently. You can use the Tombows to color on the stamp and then lightly mist it with water to activate the ink. Then, stamp the image. It will appear watercolor like. You can color your stamped imaged using Tombows and achieve watercolor effects as well. You will need to use the colorless blender to help move the tombow marker color a bit. Here's a great tutorial on how to color using a palette with Tombows. Hope this helps:

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