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This time of year is a good time to de-clutter and reorganize. As I was doing so in my craft area, older stamp sets, which had been forgotten, were discovered. I came up with a new organize system for all the sets in my collection. Enjoying seeing these old sets sparked new ideas as we have learned new techniques over the coarse of time. So my thought process, I'm sure, would be the same for many of us:

To have a "once a month" video using an old stamp set that is not retired. Let's dust off those sets, ink them up and bring them back to life. 

We all cannot continue to buy new...let's spark fresh ideas for what we already have. 

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Awesome idea. I have just been playing some old stamps from 08.

I love seeing videos with older sets.  

For me, it helps me to use more of my stash by going through my stamps about once a month. Just a quick look-see might bring to mind a good idea or maybe an idea on how to use these stamps on a current challenge.

Great idea. I have been buying more of the older ones so I would love to see some ideas on these.

Great Idea and thank you.  I am presently "cleaning out" my craft room and I guess my style and likes have changed over the 20+ years I have stamped but it is still hard to throw away even the tiniest stamps I used for backgrounds. 

Love your idea!  I recently cleaned out my stamps and sold some on eBay!  Had way too many and some I knew I would never use again, but others love them!  Would love to see new ideas with older stamp sets.

What a great idea!  I know so many more techniques than I knew three years ago when I started purchasing Gina k products.  I occasionally pull out an old set and commit to using every stamp in the set.  Would love to see videos using old sets with new techniques.

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