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Does anyone knw how to make a border of words or flowers along one side of a card using the cricut machine instead of using a border punch?

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I'm not sure but you can go to this site and ask Tammy....I'm know she will know....Here
Thanks for the info ...will ask Tammy

You would need to have the software to allow you to use cut files not on a Cricut cartridge. I purchased Sure Cuts A Lot and am able to cut anything I want using that software. You can google the name and will find info or purchasing it if you are interested. The coolest thing about it, is you can use any font on your computer and you can use digital images to create cut files fairly easily.

I didn't want to spend the money on the cartridges since I don't like most of the images available (too cutesy for my taste), but the SCAL software was is perfect. Note: you will need to have a computer hooked up to your cricut to use it. That would be the only con for some people.


Sure Cuts A Lot is THE best program out there for cricut users (not sure about other machines).  I love the program, and use it so much.  I haven't been able to 'collect' the spellbinders/nestabilities and I find that I can mimic some of Gina/design team's cards using a simple nested scalloped oval/circle/bracket/label/square. There are soooo many free SVG files out there, and as much as I love my cartridges, this is "the bees knees"!  If you take a look at my photos you will see the Mardi Gras Masks, the easter basket, and I have a Valentines' Heart that says my hubby's name & mine.  You can't find such personalization anywhere! is a fabulous site, she has great prices, excellent tutorials, free stuff, and if you sign up for her newsletter she'll email you wonderful templates.  For Halloween, it was treat bags, Christmas was boxes, and Valentines were more adorable boxes.  Do you know it would take you at least 6 cartridges to get that!  So you go to the site, download (purchase) the program, and to find stuff on the web you type in "free easter bunny svg file" and your off.  Now your on the web, you've got to be careful about dangerous sites, as with any search.  OMG it is amazing what you can do, I made a bunny out of shapes by combining them into a bunny.  You need a AB cable, which is like the one your printer uses to connect to your computer, they are approx. $30 (we're in Alaska).  If you have any questions, I am at, feel free to email me or add me.


WOW!  Never heard of this item before, but am on my way to researching it.  I use my CB alot more than my Cricket (impulse buy I think) and I only have the cartridge that came with it, so this may be just the thing I need to use the Cricket more.  Thanks for the info!   Awesome!

I know this is not part of the discussion, but on the video's that Gina does, she has a grey mat on the table that she stamps on.  Is this just paper? Or is it a pad of some kind.

If anyone knows, please let me know, I am curious.




Hi Donna,


I've relatively new to the gina k and stamptv website, but I just happened to watch one of gina's videos or read something that she had posted where she said that it is just a piece of 12 x 12 gray card stock.  I had wondered the same thing and was glad to stumble across that info.



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