Card making, rubber stamping techniques and project videos for papercrafters

How do I bookmark videos from Stamptv?  I'm new & learning how to navigate this site.  Thanks!

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Hiya!  Welcome to StampTV!  The best way that I know of is to 'like' the video...which is after the description write up of the video you are going to 'like', hit that like button.  THEN go to your page (click up top where it says 'My Page' and scroll down  and look on the right hand side you will see it says  'My Likes'...if you click that then it will pull up everything you have liked on StampTV, (pictures, discussion, videos, etc...)  but then just remember what the photo of the video was or if you hover your mouse over it it will say 'video'....

Hope this helps and has not confused ya! 

Thank you SO much.  That did it!

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